I'm missing my sister

by Jim

She passed away over 1 1/2 years ago, but I refused to grieve over it. I sensed the grief just under the surface, but wouldn't go and see a counsellor (partly thinking, I'm a guy and I don't want someone to see me cry, and also Why should I pay someone $ 100. per hour to watch me cry?). I also refused to think about some of the unpleasant things I saw when she was ill (with cancer) -- I'd just swear angrily and think of something else. But recently some other minor incidents seem to have amplified the grief I felt -- or it might be the passing of time. My sister was a very kind person who listened to others, very humble, pursued New Age thinking and cooking, and never smoked a day in her life. How can a person like this get lung cancer? It's incredibly unfair, and to me it's an indication that there is no such thing as god -- though others are entitled to their own opinion. Our childhood wasn't a very happy one, but I always dreamed that at some time in the future we'd finally be in a happy place, more prosperous, joyous. Now it's clear that won't happen -- however close I might get, my sister won't be there to share it, and I'll remember how she suffered those final months.

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Jul 07, 2012
I understand the Pain
by: Josh

I understand how you feel because I too lost my sister to cancer(acute lymphoblastic leukemia ) and felt the same way throught the whole ordeal. Why go to a counselor, or support groups? But after some time I did end up going to those and started to feel a little better knowing I could tell someone and show my emotions without being judged or ridiculed for not upholding the society thinking of dealing with grief for guys, so what I'm telling you is to tell some lose people first and try to see to go to some organized grief supporting groups. Look up the Miss Foundation and see if there's one near you.

Mar 15, 2012
Your Dream HAS Come True!
by: Rose L

Your dream has cme true. God has taken your sister to a beautiful place, where there is peace and happiness. She will never suffer another day. She will only feel the love and warmth she so richly deserves through Our Heavenly Father.
Believe me, when i say, I know your pain..I lost my daughter last year, Jim. So, I know of what I speak. God loves us all. We as humans create pain and suffering. God suffers with us and for us. He gave us His Son, so He shares our pain.


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