I,m so sorry Molly

by Paul
(Akron Ohio)

I lost the love of my life to cancer May 26th 2013. Wife of 28 great years. Still grieving terribly. I write poems about the struggle and it seems to help.

So here we go.

I'm so sorry Molly

I set at my desk and think of her struggling fight. Nothing anyone may say could ever make it right.

Our hopes were so high one year ago today. The more I learn I see there was no way.

A way to keep her with us for years to come. About this fight she was fighting I was so dumb.

I could see the doctors knew when I looked in to their eyes. She had only days left, to them it was no surprise.

I vowed to protect her from the harmful things in this life. This is the vowel you make when you take on a wife.

She said (I know) when I told her we are doing every thing we can. Two words out of her mouth I never heard again.

I failed her terribly in the outcome of this fight. All the grieving in a life time will never make it right.

You're Husband Paul

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Dec 16, 2013
Kind words
by: Paul

Thank you so much for your Kind words. I can see you also feel my pain.

Dec 16, 2013
Our Wives
by: Paul- Westerville,Oh

You and I have very similar circumstances. My dear
wife passed away on Oct 12, 2013 after losing her battle of the last five years to cancer.I miss her terribly and cannot hold back the tears when I think of her, see places we,ve enjoyed together,
restaurants where we would eat regularly, etc.I have 31 years of memories and have suffered from cancer myself. At one time, we were both taking Chemo at the same place. My lung cancer disappeared after 4 months of chemo and 30 days of radiation thanks to God, but my brave wife had the battle for a much longer period. I did everything I could think of doing. I stayed with her the entire time through all her treatments, hospital encounters, pet scans and prayed for her to get better.I, as you, experenced her last days
having to watch her go through the pain, suffering and being unable to help herself. I did everything I possibly could according to our oncologist and people close to us. Nevertheless, I have a degree of guilt that perhaps I didn't do enough.She was my also my best friend and I just can't seem to adjust living without her. I am sure you also did the best you could, but our wives are now in a much better place, happier and without pain---so be thankful for that. We shall see our wives again someday and until that time arrives, we must attempt to live our lives as best we can and at the same time , give our wives the respect they so much deserve for the battle they put up and the pain and misery they went thru.

Dec 15, 2013
I'm so sorry Molly
by: Doreen UK

Paul I am so sorry for your loss of your wife Molly to this dreadful disease of Cancer. I lost my beloved husband of 44yrs. to this deadly cancer 19 months ago. You didn't fail Molly. Cancer did. Your love and devotion says that you supported her and did all you could for her. Cancer is a disease that affects the whole family and leaves scars. WE will often feel as spouses do that we could have done more or better. But the truth is that we couldn't. We feel so helpless because we had no fancy words or anything we could do to save them. Cancer is cruel and so is death. None of us are going to escape death when it comes. WE the ones left behind have the worst battle of our lives to grieve our loss then find a way to go on each day when we don't feel like it. The battle is long and hard and often we have no strength to go on each day and then have to rise each day and do it all over again. It is not easy. Often we will feel like giving up. I take one day at a time. But this is a terrible time of the year to have to focus on family and coming together when we have lost our soul mate. Just don't beat yourself up as it will make your grief harder to bear. Spend the time building yourself up each day and life will start to improve. WE have no choice but to go on in life so we must do all we can to nurture ourselves back from grief. Best wishes.

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