I'm thinking about you all the time

by roya

father! U left us.Why?why?I can't stop thinking about you.I'm 38 your older girl with 2 children but I'm crying as a child.I'm so sorry that you couldn't say your words in I C U . I'm so sorry that you coulnt drink water when you were thirsty.you were a great man . hundreds of people cried for your loss. you were always ready to help people.but no one could understand you.most of your reletives whom you helped them were crying and saying about your goodness.grandparent can't continue without you.they were depended on you.Mom is alone and sick.pray for her.
you are free now and I'm happy for this.I'm happy That my father is remembered as a great man. and he lives with the best people in heaven.
when I read your turkish poems I think you are beside me.I'll never forget you . you are always in my heart.I don't forget your advices.you were a teacher,not only at school but also at home for us.thank you for training us ,Great father.

I feel sorry for every one who has lost FATHER.

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Aug 22, 2012
thank you Melissa for encouraging me
by: Anonymous

sometimes I feel loneliness.I think my husband can't understand me as well as I wish. I know how you feel.
Melissa As you said I'll try to be happy.thank you for your sympathy.I wish happiness for you and for your family.

Aug 22, 2012
thank you Doreen for encouraging me
by: Anonymous

You are right about making our children ready for our death.I hope death will be destroyed soon.

Jun 26, 2012
I'm thinking about you all the time
by: Doreen U.K.

Hi roya
I am sorry for the loss of your father. A great man now being honoured by his family who are heartbroken by this loss.
The loss of a parent is very painfull. You are a mother. You will then get a chance to prepare your children for your death so that when it comes perhaps not for many years. They will be prepared for how they will feel. We are never prepared for death. It is only when it happens that we feel the anguish of our loss.
Preparing for death only means that because we have life. Part of this is that one day we will die. We don't want to. But this is because we live in a sinful world and this is what brings death. But Death according to God is that last enemy that will be destroyed. It was never in God's plan that we die. It is SIN that brings DEATH. It won't lessen the grief. It only prepares us for ACCEPTANCE. But one day this last enemy called DEATH. Will be destroyed and never rise again. Man will then live forever in the earth made new by God. This is our HOPE. It helps us to go on each day with the HOPE that we will see our loved ones again. I hope these words of encouragement will be like ointment to your heart and help you to grieve with HOPE and ACCEPTANCE. Best wishes

Jun 25, 2012
I know how you feel.......
by: Melisa Revis

It been almost 3 months since my Dad passed away from multiple mylenoma,all we had was a 3 week warning if you can call it that so I know the pain your feeling I am a 40 year old Mom with 2 boys and I know I have to go on and get up every day for them and my husband but its really hard and it seems no matter where I am something will remind me of him and I get all upset all over again.All I can say Is my heart goes out to you and I know your Dad would be proud of you for writing such great words about him.I wish you the best luck in your grieving process I dont think anyone can put a day on when you have grieved enough or too much but yourself.So keep your chin up and try to smile at least for the kids and I will try too.

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