In honour of a great kitty, Monty

by Anna

Monty Forever!

Monty Forever!

I lost my baby boy, Monty, so suddenly, on Tuesday. Just 11 years old, but the baby of the family. We had to make the decision to let him go. He hadn't been well for a while, apparently. He hid it so well. (Or was I so blind?) Took him to see the vet Monday and Tuesday morning the results of the blood work, "not good". By 10:30, I had my last visit with him, and he was gone. The vet confirmed yesterday, it was lymphoma and my decision to let him go (help him on his way) was 'the right one'. But the most painful one I've ever made.

I've had many many pets and held the paw of many during those last moments. But this is hurting the very worst. Perhaps because it was so sudden? No getting accustomed to the idea he/she will be leaving soon? Yes, I did have a special bond with Monty. One that surprised me, sometimes even embarrassed me. But mostly I feel so proud of my little boy. He was my Garden Buddy, my Work Out Buddy, my Office Buddy (see the picture? him looking into the webcam and me snapping the pic - Monty forever & ever!). Snuggle Buddy. Play Buddy (oh he loved his toys!!) Let's have a chat-Buddy.

But right now, this moment, I'm angry that no one near me wants to hear his story (OK, so they know most of it). But I want to express what I feel, and not feel I have to 'get over it' (it's only been 2 days!) I want to remember him, honour him and our little rituals together. And that is what makes the pain of missing the Monts even worse right now: because of course, if he was here, it would be him I'd confide my sorrow (and anger) to, he's cock his head and listen and give a little murp, that I would interpret as "I love you too".

So thank you for reading about my boy, how special he was to me. I know you understand why I still shed tears these few short days later.

Bless you Monty, for the joy you have given me. I love you, kitten.

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Jun 09, 2011
It's been a year now..
by: Anna

Dear Monty, my sweet boy, I still miss you very much. Your sister Nola is gone now too, I hope you've met up in heaven. Your brother Stan is still keeping us smiling and sometimes growling, as always. I told you about the new boy Bert. He now has a new sister recently and her name is Tilly. I'm sure they would have driven you crazy with their antics. I love them too, but still I wish very much that it was you here, with me, in the garden. You will remain forever one very very special boy to me. With much love from your human mom......

Aug 03, 2010
Still missing you, Babycat
by: From Monty's Mom

Dear Monty,
Just to let you know, I'm still missing you greatly. I sure wish you were here, I really do. I know you are "in" the garden, and do you like the memorial? I move it around from time to time, so you can get the 'best view'. You might be pleased (or not?) to know that we haven't seen too many chipmunks lately. I'm thinking you've finally found a way to to keep them out of the garden. . . is it your ghost? LOL. Stan misses you too, baby. So much so, he 'kisses' the puppy! Who, by the way, I think has just a bit of you deep inside. He likes the exact same spot on the back of the sofa. I hope you don't's comforting in a way, and helps us remember you and smile. Love always from "mom".

Jul 12, 2010
I'm facing the same decision tomorrow
by: Julie

I am deeply sorry for your loss of precious, beautiful Monty. I have "Jack the Cat" he's an orange tabby and also 11. Your story touched me so deeply because Jack also has been fooling me. In the last few weeks he's lost 10 lbs, he eats maybe a tsp. full of wet food a day. The vet has tried everything; his kidneys are very large, but she thought with antibiotics he would do just fine. That's been 6 days and he's losing more weight, so our visit is tomorrow morning at 11am and I know in my heart his battle is coming to a close and my heart cannot bear the thought of no more "egotistical" Jack.

He carried himself with such grace and he acted more like a dog than a cat; he loved everyone, greeted everyone. My 1st cat I've ever owned. He has 2 brothers Simon and Mr. Grinch and I can fall back on them for support but they will miss the master of the home. I know this as well; they too will grieve. Thank you for sharing your story and may you find peace for yourself, maybe Monty could greet Jack at heaven's doors for me??

Jun 13, 2010
Lovely Soul
by: Down Under

Anna, condolences on the loss of your beautiful boy Monty. He seems like such a lovely soul. Cherish the happy memories and keep those alive in your soul and heart. Warm wishes coming your way. xo

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