In Loving Memory of Tabitha K. Hansen

by Songbird Sherrie
(Broken Arrow, OK)

TabithaTaking Back the Reins of Life

TabithaTaking Back the Reins of Life

May Tabitha's memory comfort you so that she lives always in your heart. She had a passion for horses and loved to ride her horse "Punch". Tabitha told me when she was in the hospital bed that "laying here is not living" and I understood very well what she was telling me. She was ready to go home with God.

She told me God's horse was named "Spirit" and she would be taking care of Him. Somehow, I believe that is what she is doing. May her spirit enfold you, so that you always know the peace of God and the promise of eternity. May the breeze whisper that life never ends...only that it is changed!

She continues forever in a place more beautiful than our words can describe. I did not like it that she had to leave this world and I will never understand it, but I know God is so good and cured her cancer forever. That is why I can have Joy and Peace in my life, because God knows what was best for Tabitha. Mama loves you Sweet Girl...I will never forget you and will always love you. Mama loves you!

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May 19, 2010
Our girls are together in heaven!
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. My girl too lost a battle to cancer. She too never complained while in treatment and captured the hearts of all who met and cared for her. I am also having a life celebration for my Amanda, or "Manny" as I called her. Hoping you find peace in the midst of your storm.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Songbird Sherrie

A dear fried of mine told me that grief is like a wave...sometimes the wave is so small it barely reaches the shoreline. But then there are the waves that come crashing down on the shoreline! That statement is so true and it describes how I am dealing with this great loss of my Sweet Girl Tabitha.

Tabby was able to show me what Grace and Glory really is. She had a quiet strength and NEVER complained during her treatment. She never said "why me, poor me, feel sorry for me" or anything negative. She took the blessings from each moment and let her light shine bright! God worked through her a lot during the last 13 weeks of her life while in the hospital. She was able to capture everyone's heart that entered into her room.

She was my daughter, friend, business partner and sister in Christ, so you could imagine just how close we were. I was her caregiver and told her she would not go through this battle alone, and she didn't. She had so many people who loved her and was there for her.

When she passed, we had a "Life Celebration" for her. I don't like funerals as they are so sad. That is NOT my girl! We celebrated her life on earth and her life with our Precious LORD! It was a happy celebration, but did have some tears. She would have loved what we did for her.

I am so sad that she is no longer here on earth with me and I miss her with every fiber of my body. I hate the devil for giving her cancer, but I Praise God for curing it forever and taking her home! I have joy, inner peace and sadness a lot right now. Time and God will heal this intense pain, but I will NEVER forget the special friend and daughter she was to me.

I miss you sweet girl...Mama loves you! Mama loves you! I'm glad you are free. God is so good.

Love Mama

Apr 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your loss. Tabitha looked like a lovely girl. And she seemed to be very close to the Lord. This can bring you comfort, not only that she is no longer suffering but was close to the Lord. It touched my heart when you said her horse would be named Spirit. She sure had faith and is with God now, safe and secure.

I am sure you are thankful for the time you had with her. She was sent by God to be in your care.
My prayers are with you to comfort you at this difficult time.

I lost my husband on Nov 22, just 2 days after my 65th birthday. He had plans for my birthday and was too sick by then to go anywhere. His heart just gave out less then a week after heart surgery. I asked him if he had faith in God and he said, "Oh yes".

I am still missing him but working my hospital job and managing the complex here as he did. It keeps me busy. He was the love of my life. I pray a lot.

This is a wonderful site to be on at a time like this. Everyone cares. May God bless you and keep posting your feelings. It is important to talk about your feelings. I know it helps me. Take care.

Apr 01, 2010
Feeling your pain
by: simon

Hi, i am so sorry for your loss, my father past away on march 26 and I can't stop crying. I hope that God gives us both the necessary strength to keep living life, but i still think that life is just not fair. I will pray for your daughter, take care and Tabitha and my dad are watching us from heaven, hopefully we will reunite with them when God decides it is time ...

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