In Memory of my Beautiful Soul Mate "Willie" the Westie form Wicklow.

by Julie Lambert
(Dublin, Ireland )

Dear All,

I lost my best friend and soul mate almost 13 days ago and from the 6th of March 2014 until the end of my days my heart will be broken.

The way I am feeling is too much to bare and the deep sorrow I have at lossing my little fella is so overwhelming, that sometimes I feel like I cant breath and if I am honest, part of me doest want to go on without him.

You see the way I felt about him, no human words can ever portray. Human beings use invented words to communicate with each other and express feelings etc.. But there is no words to explain or express how much I adored him. He was beautiful inside and out and I lost him at only 12 1/2 years old.

The thoughts of not seeing him and his lovely face every again is killing me. How can I go on without seeing that smile on a sunny day when we went walking or the pure happiness and excitement we both felt every time I wanted thru the front door.

I look around and see life goes on with everyone but dont they realize that the most beautiful light has gone out and that the world will never be the same?

I had to make the decision to put him asleep as he could breathe for 3 days and as a result he couldnt sleep or eat. I knew it was coming but didnt want to believe it but somehow I found it in myself to be there for him right to the end when I saw that beautiful soul leave his body.

God please help as reality is too much to bare for the 1st time in my life. I just want to be with him again.

From Julie - Dublin, Ireland

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Feb 27, 2017
Tremendous Grief over my boy String
by: Rita Maxwell from Texas USA

I know exactly how you feel .I lost my little boy 7 days ago .and I feel like I can't breathe . He was a huge huge really my WHOLE WORLD . I CAN'T imagine what the days ahead will be like for me . I can't stand the fact that I will NEVER see his little smile again or see him sit pretty with his little hand's raised. ..I cry and cry . But the tears keep coming and I don't know how to stop ..I miss my baby and I love him so much ..His brother is still with me and I love him to just as much . They are biological brothers .and have never spent 1 nite away from each other or me ..string was 10 .. so that's a long time and his brother Chevis I'd devestated ..he just looks and looks and listens at every sound ..he goes outside and barks twice ..calling string . But he doesn't come and he won't ever again.. God how do I go on

Feb 04, 2017
my westie freddie
by: Lynsey

My westie my world my baby my angel had to be bit to sleep too he was just shy of 15 he had a bad turn violent get up & didn't recover his breathing was very bad he had to be put to sleep I am so grief strucken.My heart is totally broken forever my heart Will never be the same he was my little guy my soul mate my life.I understand how you feel as I'm going through the same agony & pain.It is so horrible I wish I still had my loving loyal freddie.I find some comfort in getting it of my chest & sharing how I feel with others going through it too. I hope all are dogs are at peace & in heaven,at rest & know we love & miss them very very much.If love alone could have saved my Freddie he would of lived forever & ever.

Dec 22, 2016
To Ellie
by: Anonymous

My beautiful Ellie passed away yesterday, the pain is more than I can bare, she was my world. Good night my darling, remember what I said to you yesterday xxx

Nov 07, 2016
Our baby Picky
by: Doreen UK

Jane I am so sorry for the pain you are going through at the days ahead when you will lose your beautiful Picky. To spend a lifetime with our pets is a privelege, but knowing you will lose them one day helps you cope better. I felt I would have my pets forever and even my husband and when I lost them all my world crumbled and I thought I would never survive the pain and loss. But almost 5yrs on I have healed to a degree that the raw pain of grief has subsided and I only experience the memories with some sadness but not real pain that prevents me living. you will also feel in the days ahead a measure of healing that takes place ONE DAY AT A TIME. But for the meantime do precious lovely things for yourself and your daughter each day that will help the healing start as you care for each other in a deeper way that will heal you both together.
Giving love to another pet is a way of passing on the love you had to another pet and thanking God for the privilege of being able to pass on the love and care you have inside. It is the giving of love that is important but I am sure you will realise that you get so much love back that you didn't expect and it is this love that leaves its marks on us FOREVER. Make new memories when you are ready and keep each pet in its own place in your heart forever.

Nov 02, 2016
Our baby picky
by: Jane

It's is now almost 4 am. I'm outside with our precious westie, Pic. I can hear my 21 year old daughter crying, as she knows time is so short. Like she said to me"Mom Pic's been with me more then half my life. I have woken up to her in my bed for over 10 years". I am being strong for my darling daughter, but yes this is all getting to me. I know I don't want our dog to suffer. I know most of you have gone thru this hard time cant breath at nite. Best of luck to all of you

Oct 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

HI Ana
I am so sorry for your loss but you MUST NOT blame yourself!!! YOu took that lead off becuase you wanted him to be free and enjoy himself becuase you loved him!!! Please believe that!

I read your commment and it broke my see I havent been able to come onto this website in the last year as its too hard and I am still heart broken - I had to look at my strong (so good looking) happy family member look at me with pure distress while the vet put that poisen into is arm and a nurse holding him back with no effection until I had to intervene and grab him (afer that crap went into him) and I made sure my face was the last loving face I saw.

It was so terrible that my father had to walk out!
He died in seconds... for that I WILL NEVER forgive myself and will live with the guilt every single day..

Hovever it was so bad that I had to ring the vet and tell him how I felt and he reminded me that life his about good and bad and we all loose the things we love the most (sometimes more premeture) BUT LOVE NEVER DIES and your little fella love you and you loved him!

Do you realise how special that is?? Yes its sad its heartbreaking BUT LOVE never dies my friend regardless of how long you were together. YOU DID WHAT YOU DID OUT OF LOVE! YOu wanted him to run free and enjoy himself and unfortunately he was huft but my god did he have a good life and he KNOWS you didnt mean any harm - he loves you and is STILL with you and always will be and will be with you when you have your beautiful baby....

YES its hard and I knwo you feel guily but rememver there are so MANY animals that will never get the love your little guy got. He came into your life for a reason - he is an angel and will ALWAYS be with you...ALWAYS,

Praying for you. xxxx

Oct 20, 2016
losing my westie
by: Denise


Just read your sad story, I hope by now you feel a little better, I know exactly what it feels like,your heart feels like it's ripped right out,it's been 3 years for me,I can cry about it at the drop of a hat,the love they give you is just so perfect and special.xx

Oct 09, 2016
Lost my baby
by: Ana

I lost my baby last Monday night. I just cannot forgive myself I feel I failed as his mother. Took him to a big walk and at the end i decided to chase him for a while at the park with no leash. I started chasing him for puti g his leash back when suddenly he ran away straight to the street. I just cannot take away that image. I wish I can go back and never took his leash away. I knew I was not suppose to do it. And now I'm paying the highest price. My heart is broken. I miss him every second, in bed, in the car, walking him, patting him, talking to him, playing with him. I just can't stop crying. He was just 9 months. He was supposed to be with us for much more longer. I am pregnant and I'm so sad my kid will never meet my little white angel. Guilt is killing me. His abscense is painful. I loved you with all my heart my baby. Please forgive me for my big irresponsibility that made me
Pay this painful price. Forgive me my baby. I just wanted the bet for you since the fist time I had you in my arms. Will always love you. 😞

Mar 10, 2016
Loss of my westie I know how you feeling
by: Donna

I lost my westie last year on May 14th 2015 it's so hard we had to take him to vet get him put to sleep I was so so upset I lost best thing that's ever happened to me I love him so much that's going to hurt for rest of my life I miss you all the time put my angel max will always be with me forever even if I never see him agine happy birthday my cutie pie mummy loves you so much you paw prints in my heart right now and always my baby miss you lots and lots more wish I was with my westie now love you always and lots more my darling boy my westie was best ❤️❤️❤️Xxxxx you ate my sunshine my only sunshine don't take my sunshine away love you max

Mar 10, 2016
max westie
by: Donna Bolger

Hi all on 15 May last year I lost my boy max he was a kind dog and the best thing I had it's his birthday on Monday 15th March 2016 I am so sad miss my Hamsun boy I will will never forget my westie he's so old love you my boy mum missing you so much it hurts xxxx

Feb 10, 2016
My little Buddy
by: Benny wade

I too ,lost my beautiful little westie , name...Buddy...I'm devastated...he was one day off 13 years old...he had a tomour in his lungs,and could barely breath...we brought him to the vet ,last Monday ,the 8 the of Feb,he was 9 on the 9th,and the vet had to give us the devastating news....I'm crying since....Buddy was the loveliest little dog,full of love ,and loyalty....Its still very raw,and I feel empty,and lonely,Mabey in time it'll get better,but at the minute ,I'm suffering......but Buddy is not....he was actually suffering,before he was put to sleep....that's the only consolation.....

Nov 28, 2015
by: D

Hi, I lost my Westie this past March, She passed on my Dad's birthday. I know that my doggie is with Dad in heaven.
She had a pancreatic attack 3 years before. She pulled through but left her with diabetes and slowly lost allot of her eyesight, but she remained happy.
That March afternoon I noticed her breathing a little differently while she was sleeping. I went out and was back home in an hour. She appeared OK but I had a strange feeling that told me otherwise. That night she started labored breathing again. Stayed with her all night and in the morning she had not gotten any better.
Took her to the vet. 3 hours latter I held her in my arms, I was at the vets.
She was breathing heavy. I spoke to her, told her how much I love her and what a good dog she is. I said to her,
it's Ok, it's OK, she took her last breath and passed.
I handled it good until I got home. My heart felt as if an arm was reaching into my chest, a hand grabbed my heart and ripped a big piece out. I cried like never before.
I did not pay the extra money to save her ashes.
I kind of feel bad about that in a way.
The vet bill for that morning came to a little over $1,000. I asked the vet to cut off some of her hair and that is what I have left of her, other than the memories that fade with time.
Although it was very difficult for me I would not have wanted her to pass in any other way than in my arms.
LuLu had just turned 11. I will not get another dog because at 56 yrs old. I do not think my heart could take another loss and pain that I suffered when I felt the wonderful life leave my arms, leave my life and leave this world.
Peace to all dog lovers, you are all very special people.

Sep 22, 2015
losing my soul mate
by: sharon

I too am heartbroken after my precious boy was taken ill last week,we took him to the vets and he had renal failure and some other abnormalities, he was only 7yrs old, it was such a shock in 5 days he went from my happy, cheeky, chunky little boy to literally skin and bone,I slept by his side day and night and decided to end his suffering, so with much anguish my husband called our vet to come to our home last Friday ,Casper my baby fell asleep in my arms with all his family around him but I am totally devastated ,he was my best friend and soul mate and he never left my side everyone called him my shadow, the whole family is heartbroken as he was such a character, my heart goes out to anyone going through this its almost too painful too endure but I would never regret spending one second with my little westie and I will miss him till my dying day x

Aug 30, 2015
Duncan 2011-2015
by: Martina & Paul

On Friday night August 28th our beautiful westie Duncan passed away suddenly at the tender age of 6
Duncan was our life , everything we did involved him , his cheeky cute character is without a doubt one of the million things we loved about him
We laid him out in his favourite bed with his 2 fav toys mobile phone & porky pig
We kissed him and told him how much we loved him and how he was an amazing pet
the emptiness is unbearable
Love and miss You Duncan
Heartbroken 💔💔😢😢😢😢

Aug 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I can liken to your comments so much. We had to send our 15 year old Westie, Toby, to heaven just last Tuesday 4th August - we are devastated and heart broken. He is our first dog and although we have a jack Russell of 9 years he is he and Toby is Toby. The house is so silent without him even though he was a quiet wee gentleman. He was the centre of our world everything revolved around our Toby. Just at the minute we are in awful darkness in our live's.

Jul 14, 2015
In memory of my beautiful little girl - Jillian- my whittles
by: Michelle Basso

The words that I write cannot express the absolute loss I feel. I was so lucky to have Jillian and so proud to be her mommy.

My Jillian was truly my little girl. Miss Jillian Lea was born in Peoria, IL on April 14, 2003. I adopted Jillian before she was even born- suggesting the smallest female. I picked Jillian up on June 14, 2003, she was so tiny, just 8.5 weeks old and it was love at first site. I knew I was meant to be her mommy and she knew she was meant to be my baby. My very good friend, Barb lived in Washington at the time and was expecting her first baby. We thought it would be fun to dress Jillian in new born diapers and we have the photos to prove it :).

We did everything together. Biking, swimming, roller blading, you name it she was along my side. Jill touched everyone's life that she met and was a beautiful sweet little girl.

I met Justin in July of 2009. I told Justin that Jillian and I came as a package deal. It wasn't long that Jillian won over Justin's heart as well. Daddy taught Jillian to garden and they were inseparable.

Jillian met her second set of parents after Justin and I decided that three of us were going to be a family. The Riffice's took great care of Jillian and they loved her so much. Jillian was theirs as much as she was ours.

When Justin and I married, our little girl walked the aisle as well in 2013.

The stories and outfits that she wore are endless as well as the love she gave and received. unconditional and loyal was my gal.

Jill was diagnosed with kidney disease in April of 2015 and passed from kidney failure on June 28,2015.

Every day since I was told that Jill would pass has been rough for me. I'm absolutely devastated and angry. Jillian did not deserve to get sick and I will never understand any of it.

I miss her more and more everyday and I a chunk of my heart is missing.

I wear her dog tag around my neck and plan to tattoo my foot as a tribute to her on 7.28 - 1 month after her passing.

I love you Jillian and miss you more with every passing day and I always will.

Jun 30, 2015
We understand
by: Anonymous

just a month ago, we made the heart-wrenching decision to have our precious westie Courby put down. He had developed a vascular tumor on his liver and had lost his will to eat over a number of months. I know some people think of dogs as "pets". He wasn't my pet, he was my best friend! Loyal, loving, kind, faithful, and precious. We spent many days together over his life (2 weeks short of 14). We took hundreds of miles of walks together.. Just the two of us, enjoying each other, countless weekends at the lake house loving the water and walks in the woods, and as you said always a joyous reunion every time we would be re-united after being apart, whether it be for a few hours or for days. Second only to my wife, he was and is the love of my life. As my grief has time to settle, I increasingly add my deep appreciation of him to the loss I feel. I couldn't have asked for a better friend! For that, above all else, I will forever be grateful and thankful. My life, whatever it may eventually become was made indescribably better by a little boy with a black licorice nose, handsome white fur, and an ever waggley carrot tail. I hope that I will indeed see him someday. As I whispered in his ear countless time "I want you to be my pup forever "

Mar 01, 2015
Lost my best friend "Angel"
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain, I had to put my little Westie down in 2-25-2015. She was misdiagnosed by a Vet on 12-20-2014, to Lock Jaw. He had her on muscle relaxants, and Prednisone, and had me exercising her jaw 3x a day, trying to get the jaw to release. She had been eating on her own up until 1-16-2015, then the jaw totally shut down. I had to feed and water her with a feeding tube. A friend of mine recommended a vet up north, but it was too late, Angel was in the Cronic stages, she had MMM, known as Musticatory Muscle Myositis. I had to put her down and I think she was ready....she was fighting this disease for me. I miss her dearly, my home and my heart is empty. But, I do believe she is in a better place than the way she was. She is healed, and able to do the things she had once enjoyed, at Rainbow Bridge. Someday she will meet me at the bridge and we will be reunited once again.....this time forever! I know it hurts, but sometimes we have to not be stingy, with wanting them to be with us, when they are not able to fully function and live, and be happy, in once was their normal life. Take a day at a time, and keep all those good memory's that you had, right next to your heart.....Dogs leave Paw Prints in our hearts forever!

Nov 02, 2014
I undersand :(
by: mand1373

I'm so sorry and I completely understand how you feel. I put my beloved female Westie Maddie down 2 months ago and pain is still so raw. Some days are fine, others are torture. I find when I get overwhelmed with life's stresses, I somehow start thinking about her and how just being around her made everything seem better. Some days I just can't stop thinking about her. Today is one of those days. I choose to think of her up in heaven playing with all of her friends. I hold onto hope that we will be together again someday. I hope things get better for you. Much love being sent your way.

Oct 04, 2014
My precious Wrigley
by: Anonymous

Dear Julie,

Your Willie sounds so much like my precious Wrigley! I lost him on May 12, 2014 just 7 weeks shy of his 16th birthday. Words cannot express the pain I feel daily for him! He was the light of my world! I have his pictures everywhere, I can't bear to put away his favorite toys. I kiss his little pillow and blanket at night before I go to bed and even wear his collar sometimes around my neck at night! I fought to the very end to keep him alive and as comfortable as possible and the decision to send him to heaven was agonizing! I love him so much! How can I ever be happy again? He was a westie through and through!

I believe he has been sending me signs since his passing. He leaves pennies in my pathway when I am especially sad and thinking of him. The first one was only a few hours after his death. Our pennies say "IN God We Trust" and I believe they are from God telling me my Wrigley is ok. Then a few weeks later I found a token on the floor in a public restroom with a paw print on it!
There have been other signs as well, which give me some measure of comfort!

His personality was so strong, he had such a presence and he fought all his health issues courageously. He was a fighter through and through.

I will forever miss him. I had him cremated and wear some of his ashes in a special heart locket around my neck daily. I so long to feel his kisses on my face again. On the day he died he kissed me on my face over and over again. Looking back now I know he was saying goodbye. I wish the pain would ease but how can it possibly when your soul mate for life leaves you?

I grieve for your precious Willie. Hopefully they are playing together in heaven and comparing notes on how much their mommies loved them here on earth.


Aug 11, 2014
I feel your heartache
by: Angie

Dear Julie,
I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Willie.
My heart goes out to you. I feel exactly the same as you have described. The love of my life and my husbands passed 41 days ago on July 1, 2014. Our Westie that brought us so much joy and unconditional love for 12 years,3 months died in both of our arms suddenly and unexpectedly. He had a tumor (cancer) on his adrenal gland above his left kidney that ruptured and entered his aorta that sent a blood clot to his brain causing sudden death.
We were devastated then and still are. We tremendously miss our precious Rylie. It is incredibly hard to accept! I cry for him when I wake and cry myself to sleep every night. I am so grateful to God the he went fast and did not have to suffer. I believe it is hard no matter how they pass this life that we know. It is the most difficult having to accept they are not physically with us anymore.
I have put pictures of him in every room of our home and I talk to him as always. I pray to God so many times during the day for him to continue to give me strength and to turn my sadness in to happiness with every thought I have of him. It all is so much overwhelming. We always told our Rylie that no other could ever replace him or the love that we have for him. He is in our hearts forever and we believe that we will be together again with him one day. He taught us so much and has changed our lives forever. We take one day at a time, and enjoy the moment we are in (that is all any of us have). We are slowly trying to adapt in a different time and place of our lives. I pray that you find peace and comfort. May God bless you!

Apr 22, 2014
Dear Linda
by: Anonymous

Thanks for commenting to my posts.
Its been six weeks now since my little Willie passed away (hard to believe)and this Thursday it will be 7 weeks...

The pain is as raw as the day I sent him to the angels. There has not been one day that I havent shed many many tears for him. I have gone thru every emotion there is but the guilt is the worst.

At the time it seemed like the best thing to do for my baby as he was so sick with his breathing. But as time has passed I am starting to feel that maybe he wasnt as bad as I thought and that I was too hasty in my decision - This was his precious life afterall... I have heard that there are inhalers that can be given and other meds, things I never knew about at the time.

You see after Willie died, I researched his symptoms and it turns out that it was not the artritis that killed him but WLD (Westie Lung Disease) and for this there is no cure. It can only be managed and even then there are no guarentee's. Yes I knew that he was fluid on his lungs but we had him on meds for this for 2 years and the vet told me that his lungs were clear??

Why or why didnt I research sooner about this!! Had I had known the severety and what must have been awful discomfort for Willie, I would have moved mountains to make him better and prolong his beautiful life.... Yes I took him to the vets 4 times before he died, paid thousands over the years to ensure his good health but I didnt do enough and I should have somehow known what he was going thru and for that I am ashamed.

With all the suffering he must have been going thru on the inside, he was such a fighter and still pressed on everyday with this life. When I saw that he was walking slower and slower over the last year or so, I thought it was his artritis and his age - however it was mostly his breathing that was doing this to him and he still fought everyday - for this I am so proud.

He had the best life you could give a baby as special as he and the love he got from everyone thru his life was unmeasured but still I feel I let him down in the end and for this I cant forgive myself guys. It haunts me every single day.

Please say a prayer for my angel.


Apr 17, 2014
Lost my Barney (heart condition)11/2013
by: Linda

Still grieving. My husband got us a parson jack russell, but he is not a Barney. I take crying spells. I thank you for sharing, because sometimes I think I am nuts!

Mar 20, 2014
"White Feathers"
by: Doreen UK

Julie I wanted to share my experience of "White Feathers".
When my husband was diagnosed in 2009 with shadows on the lungs we were waiting for the results. Just before the results a beautiful White Fan Tailed Bird sat on our fence so erect and beautiful. A wave of fear came over me and I felt the news was bad. It turned out worse. On March 28th 2009 the diagnosis said "You have a rare and serious lung cancer which is inoperable, incurable, and aggressive." This was a terminal cancer that there was no coming back from.
That bird stayed with us for the 3yrs of the cancer journey and 1 year after my husband passed away. Altogether that bird stayed by my side for just over 4yrs. He would sit on the edge of the bird feeding table. I would talk to him and he would listen intently and never fly away. He has gone now and I miss him very much. I do believe that bird was an angel sent to comfort us. What bird would stay for over 4yrs. come back day after day, and be of such a prominent colour and stand out from other birds with a fan tail. The only fan tailed bird I have seen.
After my husband passed we saw white feathers everywhere. I had many fall in front of me OFTEN. I was in the kitchen with the skylight open and white feathers fell through the skylight. We parked the car down a side street and it was covered with white feathers like a carpet. This was such a comfort to me. I recently found white feathers on our kitchen window sill. So Yes I do believe in angels and the comfort of white feathers. I know I will see my husband again. But our loss will still hurt for such a long time.

Mar 19, 2014
Beautiful Soul Mate Willie
by: Eva

I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, had my heart broken in pieces six weeks ago. The tears flow every day. My beautiful Lab meant the world to me. I can say, I'm quite sure, I know how you feel. Slowly, your grief will lessen. I still have a broken heart, but I can talk about Bryce without crying and walk into a empty house without crying. Even though our beloved friends lived until old age, it still was not enough time with them. Some do not understand the strong bond that can develop between man and their pets. When they pass on, the grief can be every bit as hard as the loss of a human. Please take care of yourself. As time passes, the pain will lessen. Willie will always remain in your heart. Quite a few people believe we will, someday, be reunited with our beloved pets. I hope it is true. My thoughts are with you. Eva

Mar 19, 2014
by: Doreen / Albin / Becky

Dear Doreen/Albin/Becky,

Thank you all so much for replying to me - I cant express how much each of your comments mean to me and I am truly sorry for your loss also. I know how bad the pain and loss is to loose your best friend.

It makes me sad that they only get such a short life but I wouldnt change adopting him for the world. He enriched my life and opened my eyes to what true love really means and how overwhelming it can be to your soul.

Through my love for him, I know how special dogs are and I actually believe that God sent me an angel. I am glad I knew how special he was all his life as I used to whisper to him that I knew he was a present for God. Of course he would ignore me and walk off but hey, thats how I have always felt and how I will always feel about him.

A few days after he passed myself and boyfriend were outside a doorway at night time and all of a sudden a tiny white feather fell from the sky and landed beside me and before it fell to the ground, I reached out and gently grabbed it. I was in shock as it was pitch dark out about 9pm in the evening and I am sure no birds fly at that time, especially where we were located which was no where near a park or field. My partner is the biggest sceptic and even he couldnt belive it. It wasnt so much what happend but the way it happened and the feeling we both got.

I since researched my experience and it turns out that a white feather is a sign from an Angel. I like to think that this was his way of contacting me to let me know he is still around and ok.

I know he lived 12 1/2 years and to most this is a good age for a dog but he loved life so much that the years he lived do not seem anyway near enough. Espcially now its spring time and the days are getting longer and the sun shining that bit more - I am so sad for him that he wont get to see the world he loved so much anymore.

We live facing a beautiful park and to have to watch all his friends run around and walk with their owners in the sunshine breaks my heart so bad for him. We have to pull the blind down as its too hard to look at as he adored that park!

I cant believe the apple of my eye is gone and what I wouldnt do to have him back.

Im broken hearted and miss my special angel.

Mar 19, 2014
Forever In Your Heart
by: Becky

I am so sorry for your loss of Willie; I know the pain is real. I lost my Bailey 2 1/2 years ago, he died six weeks before his sweet sixteen. He was my little boy, and I was his Momma. I cried every day for hours for almost 6 months and then I cried but with less intensity. I still cry occasionally for him. There is not one day that I do not think of him, say his name, or wish he was here. The pain will ease but you will always have an ache in your heart for Willie. To help me with my grieving, I made Bailey a mosaic stone with his picture in it, put wind chimes in the tree that he is buried under, and several solar lights on his grave so I can see him at night. He is buried outside my bedroom window, and I also light a candle for him every night.
God spelled backwards is dog, what an honor to have! I truly believe with all my heart that I will see Bailey in heaven again.I take comfort in knowing that Bailey is playing at the feet of Jesus and chasing rabbits in beautiful gardens that I can't imagine. I loss my Mother 7 months ago, and I am grieving for her, and I take comfort in knowing that my Mother has a piece of me in heaven with her, my Bailey.
My prayers will be with you.
Becky & Bailey

Mar 19, 2014
My lovely Willie
by: Julie, Dublin Ireland

Thank you so much for your comments. Everyday is a struggle to get up and get on with life like putting on make-up before going to work - belive me, its the very last thing I care about.
I just came into work this morning and saw your replies and I cant thank you enough. I am truly sorry for your loss also.

I have been so caught up in my own grief that I have been overlooking family and how they are feeling. Especially Dad who absolutely adored Willie. I know he is also deeply greeving as he spent alot of time with him over the years - probably even more then I.

He used to carry Willie down the stairs every morning at 5am as Willie developed bad artritis which got worse over the years and so we would all have to carry him up and down steps and stairs as he was unable to do this for himself, especially this past year.

He would hear Dad getting up and go down to the kitchen with him every single day. The two of them woudl sit on the backdoor step until my Dad had to leave for work. Mam got up at 5am the day after he passed and found my poor Dad unconsolable in the kitchen as this is when it really hit him that Willie was gone.

Willie was Mams company thru-out the day and he would sit beside her on the chair around 4pm and fall asleep until Dad came home. She must be missing him so much because now its just her on her own everyday with memories.

It was not his artritis that got to him in the end, but his breathing. We nearly lost him last year over the same thing but thankfully he bounced back and we'd hoped it would be the same this time round but unfortunately it was not to be. I still feel that maybe there was something else I might have overlooked even though his vet told us a few days before he passed that there was nothing.

Coming home in the evening is the hardest as no longer do I get to see that gorgeous face smiling at me and making the biggest fuss of me. While I know my family are there, the house feels so empty. This is when I break down and just go to bed because when I sleep, I cant feel the pain.

I look down where we have him buried and it breaks my heart because its Willie I feel sorry for as he will no longer go for his walks and feel the sun on his face or eat his favourite dinner. I just love him and would do anything to have him back.

We buried our Willie out our backgarden under a young tree that I bought a few years back and is only starting to grow and placed a rose bush on top of his grave.

Life is strange because I never knew that I would be burying my baby under this tree when I bought it and when he used to sit in the sun beside this tree looking adorable, I never knew that he would be buried not only under the tree but in the place that he used to love to sit. Somehow it all makes sence now - Does everything happen for a reason are am I just looking too much into this?


Mar 18, 2014
by: Albin Arizona U.S.A.

I can't say I know how you feel because everybody is different I know it hurts because I had to put my best friend to sleep and he was only 6 it was unexpected he wasn't feeling himself I took him to the Vet and I knew as soon as she came back it wasn't good my Moe had a tumor around his heart that was inoperable I had to decide at that moment what to do yes I was there when my Moe breathed his last that was that was 5 months ago I still have tears in my eyes while I am writing this letter I know it hurts but it does get better you will still miss your Willie but you did give him al the love he deserved.

I know it hurts it does get a little better

Mar 18, 2014
In Memory of my Beautiful Soul Mate "Willie" the Westie from Wicklow
by: Doreen UK

Julie I am sorry for your loss of your pet. It doesn't matter how long they are with us their loss is as painful as ever. When I first lost my pets I hurt so much I thought I would never recover. It is a different feeling from losing a close loved one. These beautiful creatures have a language of love all of their own that cannot be equalled to loving people. Living here in the UK we have just had CRUFTS and to see these lovely animals so happy makes me want to give them all a hug. Can you imagine how the owners feel when they have invested so much LOVE in their pets and then to lose them? These pets have such lovely cute faces and they move with such a warmth that one can't help but be drawn to them. To have to put your beloved pet to sleep must have been the worst experience you had to go through. I am so sorry for your loss. Westies are my favourite dog. My sister has a Westie and he is adorable. He is not well and may be weeks away from dying. My sister will be broken as we all will be when he passes on. I hope the days and weeks ahead get easier for you as you recover from grief.

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