innocent mom

by sohail

this is sohai,a muslim boy telling about my mom she is too special,caring,religious always saying should be good with every one no matter if other harms you.but i did not accept this principle of Islam.she always stopped me to wrong but i rarely accept it.she has a sister,brother.who are in their own world happy and dont care for my mom.and she have 3 sons out of which i am the youngest one and i have a sister younger to me.all are married accept me,my sis in Dubai she cares alot to my she is no more.even i love my mom very much but i have negativity about my self since 8 years.because of lack of treatment she have to be with oxygen cylinder so when ever i see mom i feel sad and went in depression.i dont know the depression word now i come to know the cause of times went on and after six years she got cancer and treatment taken place.last chemo she got infection on lungs that also because of me.i taken her late to hospital.then she was bed ridden for 2 years and last year she got brain tumor but she does not know that even doctor said it is because of again i have taken it easily i never take care of her medically but physically i was with her and when she died again mistake i have done taking late to hospital and finally she died at the age of 70 years.just this march 8th 2014.since then i am sad in depression and i want to spoil my life like i done with my mom.and i plan not to marry.plz pray for her.

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Apr 07, 2014
innocent mom
by: Doreen UK

Sohail I a sorry for your loss of your mother. She really suffered greatly before she died and You were there caring for her and doing what you could to make her comfortable. We can easily go into a depression at losing a significant member from our family. BUT. You can do much to help yourself. Firstly don't blame yourself for your mothers death by saying that you didn't act quickly in her medical treatment. I am sure you acted as quick as you could. You wouldn't have purposely let your mother suffer.
When my husband was ill I had a battle with our doctor for not treating my husband well. He ignored my husband's condition until he collapsed and lost the power in his legs and couldn't stand. Dangerous symptoms the doctor didn't take serious. With this disease called encephalitis the person goes into a Coma for around 6 weeks and when they wake up they have brain damage and difficulties in life with disability. Our medical services failed to take quick action and my husband suffered and nearly died. I tell you my story so you can see that even if you do act quickly medically it can still work against you. I had to take my battle to the highest Place in the UK and won the case for my husband to have better medical care, and help others to have doctors take responsibility. But I have now lost my husband to cancer 2yrs. ago. he suffered greatly.
No use beating yourself up for feeling you didn't do your best quickly. YOU DID. Your mother was of an age where medical issues happen. Some of the way you feel is part of grief. But it should pass in time. You can help yourself by your THINKING. Not blaming yourself. Building yourself up the way your mother would do by encouraging yourself each day with good positive thoughts. Don't put your life on hold and deny yourself happiness as a way of punishing yourself. This is not God's way. You must in time grieve your loss and move forward making many good memories for yourself and those around you. Make your own happiness. This would honour your mother. She would not want you to be sad forever. You also have to teach your sister the right way. She will be learning from you by your actions. Life will get better for you in time and by thinking the right way you should feel less depression.

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