Instructions Not Included

by anonymous

I found this site a few yr's back and it was very much
my only lifeline at that time. I had lost my daughter the previous year from an accident. I felt I was hanging on by a thread just going through the motions of life. When you lose a loved one, in my case a child, there are NO instructions on what to do next. It is ALL such a nightmare that you first don't believe it. The pain and anguish is imaginable. You tell yourself there is NO way you can survive this but you do. You want to die, you think you will die, but you don't.

You will probably turn to your faith, God, and ask him for the strength to survive the Hell you are in.
I believe even those who have doubt will search out for a Divine intervention. There are hundreds if not thousands of books out there to help walk you through the stages of grief. Some will offer you biblical verses/passages to help bring you comfort and hope. I think people are afraid to tell you just how HARD the road ahead of you is going to be. Afraid it may be more than you can bear- those who have been on this journey before you. Thinking what could they POSSIBLY say that would help? I am a believer that knowledge is power and as HARD as this ALL is-knowing that you will SURVIVE can be a FIRST step. Knowing you aren't ALONE with the emotions you are feeling can HELP. Having REAL people share their REAL experiences even if they are filled with pain, can give you the help you will need. We are all only human and come here for the same thing I believe, to find HOPE.

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Sep 25, 2013
So true
by: SoSadDad

Having lost our two children, our adult daughters, I can certainly relate to the emotions you have mentioned. We could not have believed, even in our deepest sorrow and grief, that it would hurt so much and for so long. And at the same time, we would not have believed that we would ever see the sunny light of day. We will grieve the rest of our lives, for sure, and we will cry often. Yet we both are starting to see a little bit of the sunny horizon. Time doesn't heal parental grief. But it does allow you to learn to live with grief. For me, the biggest help was my support group. Compassionate Friends is a world-wide group of bereaved parents with local chapters. Every bereaved parent should at least know about Compassionate Friends. God bless everyone who needs to visit recover-from-grief!

Sep 25, 2013
Instructions Not Included
by: Doreen UK

Anonymous I am sorry for your loss of your daughter. Thank you for sharing your experience and journey of Grief and how this journey allowed you to find renewed HOPE.
We all feel hopeless and helpless after losing a close significant loved one from our immediate family. We don't know how to process our loss or to find our way back. It is only in sharing other's grief and hearing their story that it somehow Blesses us to the point we find healing. We can encourage and pick each other up. BUT often our journey is still ALONE as we go from day to day with our own LONELINESS. Just wishing we had that personal touch. Perhaps someone visiting us, or that phone call or email. Often when nothing comes it can leave one hopeless and alone with their grief and feel only despair. But the fortunate one's who know God and know of God personally are the one's who can help other's find HOPE AGAIN. or perhaps for the first time. Often it will take months or years for us to live with the pain and then THROUGH the Pain find Hope and healing. But it is a personal experience and we can only share our own thoughts and experiences to help each other. As Jesus says in his Word. "Go now and comfort others with the Comfort you have received from Me." This was a command and I guess we are all doing this in some way. Picking each other up when they are down as God does to us. May we keep doing this. This is part of Loving and Giving. May everyone be comforted in their continuing sorrow and grief and feel the love and peace of God in their Loss.

Sep 24, 2013
instructions not included
by: Anonymous--MI

After reading your post I had to write and say that this is so how I feel. Ten months ago my dear husband died of SCA and left me in a place that only those of us who have been thrown into this journey can understand. The numbness--the denial that my husband was truly gone and not coming back--the fog, broken heart and broken dreams and on and on and on the sorrow goes. But, one of the most difficult emotions is the feeling of despair and loss of hope--when I feel hopeless it is when I hit rock bottom in my grief. But--somehow God pulls me up and gives me strength and courage to go on. My heart is so broken and I am so disappointed in the fact that my love--my best friend and the father of my children is now gone from our lives. But--I have faith that God will keep me moving forward until the glorious day that I too, reach heavens door and see Jesus--my Savor and then my husband. That is my HOPE.--Thank you for posting here and I am sorry for your sorrow also. God Bless you.

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