is he still here

by mark
(s wales)

am i going ,mad
my dad died 2 years ago ,i still hear him ,still feel him around wake up as ive been pinced in the ribs only dad did that .feel air rush past me when theres no wind, see glimpses in corner of my eye as if there was some one there .my dad here hes just moved to a different time sphere ,where i can see him feel im , so in death is there any absolution for us thats left ,behind answer is no you adapt you try to forget block out the pain but its two years sine dad died ,why do i feel i want to cry every day , feel alone when im not feel pain in my heart ,cant work it ,i know one thing though all of us would give heaven and earth just to say hi dad i love , i miss you every day , then tears roll down my face ,is there such a thing as moving on times a healer ,sadly not , xx

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Aug 21, 2013
Is he still here?
by: Mari

I too have gone through what has been described here.In fact it was rather constant for a time.To begin with the scent of his colonge was overpowering and that happened every day for a while.One day I went to check a unit I had painted and my husband appeared beside me and I could see through him. This lasted about 10 minutes.I also saw him when awakening one night looking at me, dressed in full uniform as real as in life.I answered my cell one day and his name lit up on the caller ID and I showed my granddaughter and she she deleted it but it came back.The grandchildren saw a lot more then I did.My granddaughter said there had been a lot of paranormal activity while I was gone with Grandpa's chair rocking. I said,''Those are only memories.'' I had a dream in which my husband and I stood on clouds with Jesus and my husband was well. The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue and there were sure a lot of people there.I knew then that heaven is real and my husband is safe with the Lord. After that dream all the strange events quit happening.I still miss him but a lot of healing took place with the dream of heaven. He was sure a good husband and grandpa.The first couple of years were very hard on me. But God has been with me all the way just as he is with all who have lost a loved one.

Aug 12, 2013
Your Dad
by: Deb from Illinois


The same thing happened after my dad passed away last November. I was in extreme grief. I ended up talking to a grief counselor who told me to start writing to my dad in a journal. Just tell him how you're feeling, what's going on with you, everything you would talk to him about if he were still here. The very night I wrote my first entry (agonizingly painful), I was in bed sleeping when suddenly I sensed someone walking across my bedroom floor, felt a change in the room somehow and felt a gentle touch brush the side of my face. I sat up straight in bed confused but at peace as well. You are not going mad. I believe my dad knew I was really struggling with losing him and he wanted to let me know he was still there for me, not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense. Come to find out, my mother and sister had similar experiences. This is not uncommon. Perhaps your dad knows the pain you are in and he's trying to comfort you.

Aug 12, 2013
is he still here
by: Doreen U.K.

Mark my husband died of cancer 15 months ago and I kept seeing white feathers everywhere I went. When parking the car I looked down and tons of white feathers were all over the road. This brought me comfort. YET. to some people this would mean nothing. I have had many dreams of my husband and he was alive in my dreams. I feel his presence at times and other times I feel nothing. Whilst other people are struggling to have this experience and don't. We had a white bird stay with us in our garden for 4 1/2 yrs. whilst my husband had his cancer treatment and over 1yr. after he passed away. I found this comforting and just felt this was an angel sent to comfort me/us. My niece had a dream of her uncle (my husband) tell her in this dream that our computer was all messed up. She said YES. Uncle I know. I will get the password off aunty in the morning and sort this problem out. My husband said to her in her dream I will give you the password now. HE DID. It was correct and she was able to get into his computer. I have had our own telephone number ring with my husband's name come up. This one is spooky but I don't try to explain or understand this. I enjoy these moments when they come.
The reason you may be still suffering terrible grief 2 yrs. later is because sometimes we can be numb for a long time and just thawing out we feel our grief later and longer. Or. It could be you are stuck in grieve e.g. like a blockage and you can't move forward. This is when a good counsellor can be of great help. Try CRUSE bereavement Services. Other times a person can be in DENIAL and so grief is prolonged and lasts longer and one can feel as if they are stuck in this RAW painful stage for a long time. I don't know why this happens as I believe I was stuck in grief and DENIAL and couldn't do anything about this. I understood this but I couldn't fix this problem. I just let it work itself out. If it didn't I would go and see a counsellor. do what works for you. If you are concerned talking things over with someone is all it takes to get things out of our system. Another method is establishing a journal. Write in this all your thoughts and feelings about your loss and even write letter's to your dad and tell him how you feel, and what his death has done to you and made you feel about losing him. In time you will start to feel better. Sometimes putting thoughts and feelings on paper helps some people make sense of their loss and how to cope with the pain of grief. I hope in time you will start to feel the healing take place within you from losing your father.

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