is it time to let go ?

i met this girl, she was 18 and i am 38, it's a 20 years gap, but the troubled began when she attend a university and met a guy and she hide it from me for the past 2 1/2 years i been accusing her that she's was cheating on me cuz after i drop her off at night he is going to pick her up and sleep over to the other guy's place, i stayed after the drop off and and always saw her with him and i come back in the morning to see and i am right she was dropping off by the same guy in the morning, i chased them a lot of times and i let go cuz i know they are not going to stop, i confront her about this just to tell me the truth and i leave you alone she said his only a friend, i try to believe her give her another chance, i activate my facebook last month (june 2012) and i found out that the friend that she was referring to is a bf of her,i saw there pictures in her facebook, on winter 2009 she asked me if she can visit her sister in NY, i said yes and that's when they met in NY to spend christmas until the first week of jan.i saw them very happy, i only activate my facebook when i found out the second time she did it to me with a different guy, she works in retail store june 23, this year i went to her store but she's not there, i went to sgh glasses across to check out a shade, i saw her passed by with a guy holding hands and i follow them and i called her name and she just stare at me like she didn't even know me, they went inside her store and he kiss her and left, i can't believe what happen, i left she run towards me and she said im sorry, she try to stop me but i am trying to control myself, i left with rage and anger that i need to drive around, no wonder for the past 3 to 4 weeks she's very cold, she said to me i met him in the store he doesn't know my phone no., i said you are in a relationship with me you should let me know if you don't want me anymore, instead of you walking around in the mall holding hands with him that you just met the guy, it hurts this is the second time you did this to me for the past 4 years, your just using me and i know what happen in NY with the other guy you said his a friend but his not he is still in relationship with you up to now, You hurt me this is the last time that i'm gonna be HURT no more, i am trying to control myself cuz i don't want to do anything to you....we broke up but once in a while she's gonna called with blocked no. that i don't answer, one day she called me 6x's and i text her not to call me anymore and she said "i missed you i just want to hear your voice" i text her and i told her you will never going to hear my voice anymore and you can't text me cuz i am going to blocked you, and she said no, don't blocked me, my sisters said you have to move on with your life if she called don't answer if she text you don't answer, she is only playing and see if she has control over you, she is manipulative she can't be trusted, you been cheated twice remember that age at 24 is the aged that she is looking for something, i don't think she want to stuck in one relationship specially your age gap so move on with out her. it's easy to say but i think of her everyday six years that we been together that is a long time, she even asked me when are we going to get married and where is my ring and what kind of wedding ceremony are we going to have? those kind of thing and next thing i know she's just going to cheat again, i had enought, she never really told me the fact about everything and up to now she still denying the first one, how can i forget her so i can move on with my LIFE?

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Jul 06, 2012
Is it time to let go?
by: Doreen England

YES!!!!!! My friend it is time to let go. When someone cheats on you it will keep happening. You need to keep your dignity and respect. This girl is not respecting you.
Because of the large age gap this girl is testing the waters with someone perhaps around her own age. In time you would be seen as a sort of father figure. Who wants to be married to their father. I am sorry my friend to sound so harsh. Or to put it in these terms. But in reality. this is what is happening. Of course a long term relationship is painfull. It is very painfull and hard to give up the love of your life. You need to concentrate on what is happening. It is destroying you as a person. If you put up with this cheating. You are allowing her to do it to you and you become an ENABLER. You are in essence buying into her behaviour by allowing yourself to be hurt by this. Will it stop? You don't know. If you get married will things be any different? or will you take the same problems into marriage? This girl is immature. She is playing you. She is playing the field. You need to move on with your life and find someone your own age.
My son is married to a girl who won't let her ex boyfriend go. She takes him on holiday with my son her husband. Is this normal even if he is only a friend now and not an ex boyfriend. He will always be an ex-boyfriend. that won't change history. But to have 3 in a relationship is wrong. Unhealthy. It shouldn't happen. My son loves her. there is only 2 doors open. Put up with it. Or walk away with your dignity. There is no middle road. Who wants to live with unhappiness and strife? Do You my friend? I don't think so. I wish you all the best for the future and I hope it all works out for you and you become a happier person. You just need to find the right person. When you look back you will realize you made the right decision. The sun will shine again.

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