Its a very painful loss

I can sympathize with everyone over the loss of their mother. My mom just passed away a few days ago, and the practical side of me understands that she's gone. All else says that I wish I could turn the clock back just a few months and do some things differently. Its just awfully darn painful, if I think about it. Fortunately, I can make myself very busy, and not think about it. It took me almost ten years before I could say my father passed away.

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Aug 10, 2012
I understand
by: Anonymous

Please accept my condolences for the loss of your mum

Only those of us who have lost our mums recently
can understand your pain.

Please dont torture yourself about what you could have done differently. We are all human and no relationship is perfect. We cannot turn the clock back but we can remember that at the time we probably did our best given the circumstances.

Its great you are keeping busy. But when you have unexpected outbursts of grief, please be gentle with yourself and remember it is very early days and you are doing great by trying to keep occupied.

Many people say the wrong thing when you lose your mum. BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST FRIEND WE HAVE. I know my precious mum can never be replaced by any other relationship, So feel priviledged for having her and dont dwell on regrets.

Thinking of you.

Aug 09, 2012
by: Lost

I also lost my mother 15 months ago to cancer 13 days after her diagnosis and my father ten years ago also to cancer. I am in deep grief. My mother lived with me for ten years since my father died. This pain is living hell. I am single and don't have children or siblings. I am truly a 47 year old orphan. If I hear one more time to get over it I am going to scream. I am now on antidepressants and anti anxiety medications me who never took anything stronger than tylenal. Yes I go to work put on a fake smile but inside I am truly lost. I come hone still thinking it is a stem and that my mother will be anxiously waiting for me. She lived for me and I for her. Her death was horrible she suffered the pains of hell. I held her Hand and literally never left her hospital room much to my extended family disapproval. My mother did not want anything to do with her cancer so I just kept a smile on my face. No good byes nothing she held on to my hand until her last breath. The whole image haunts my every second. I visit the cemetery daily and still wear out cultures traditional mourning clothes. Unless u have experienced this pain u can't believe it. Moving on is almost impossible when your heart is so broken beyond repair

Aug 09, 2012
Its a very painful loss
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for the loss of your mother and of your father 10 years ago. You gain nothing by postponing grief. Grief is a process of painfull feeling that one feels with a loss. To not feel the pain is to no acknowledge your loss but just postpone this for later. this will cause you more pain in the end. Better to let it just happen. the pain does not come all at once otherwise none of us would survive this grief. It comes in stages and at different times of the day. It is awful. It is unbearable. I HATE IT. IT KILLS ME TO BITS. But I have to go through it before I begin to HEAL. It takes time. Time is all I have too much of. You will get through this one day at a time. That is all we get. One day at a time. Tomorrow is not promised to us. It took a loss and grief for me to realize this. I thought I had forever.

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