Its been 7 months and i miss my dad

by Laura
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

I am a 30year old female and the youngest of 5 children. Like all of the people who have written their stories, i have also lost my dad. I lost daddy on 06 January 2012. What a way to start a new year. Losing the one man who will ever love me more than anything in the world. I truly have been blessed to have had an active loving dad who carried my burdens as if it was his own. Its been six months and i cannot seem to get over his death. He was fairly healthy. Smoked like a chimney for years since i can remember, and was taken from us by an untimely heartattack. He had his 1st heart attack only 8 days prior to his death. and the second one was fatal. The night before he died he called me on my cell and said he missed me, i could not go see him and again he called me on the morning before he died and before he put the phone down he just said i should look after myself. an hour later i got the call that i should rush home as my dad was not well. I rushed home only to find my fathers lifeless body laying in the room. to this day i cannot forgive myself for not going to see him when called me that thursday night before he died and the last time we spoke he was wishing me well. I miss daddy like the fibre in my being.

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Jul 18, 2012
dad i will never forget you
by: Anonymous

i have been living with my dad since i was 18. i lived with him for about 5 years .3 of those years i was living overseas with him cos he wanted to retire in the Philippines. i decided to stay with him.anyway i was i think 4-5 months pregnant with my son he was murdered.i still cant believe it its been 3 years now. i think about it all the time.i was the one who found him and i will never forget what i saw his lifeless body there on his bed with a stab mark on his neck and blood everywhere i didn't believe it at first i guess i was in shock i took his hand and held it then i just stood there in shock. all so turns out he was stabed with an icepick 26 times all though out his organs. i cant even image the pain he when though.
i remember in the morning we would look at each other and smile and say good morning. i remember the days when i had noone to talk to u would be there we would sit together and talk about anything and u would joke and we would laugh i remeber your hugs u would just walk up to me and hug me and tell me that u love me it made me feel special. if i were alone u would be sitting in your chair looking at the ocean, and get me to talk to u.i remember when u cooked u would get me to taste test u were the best cook. i miss u so much dad i think about you all the time i show that im strong cos once i start crying i cant stop.i wish u could of met xavier he needs his grandpa around.i member when i was pregnant u wanted a little granddaughter turned out to be a boy lol.u wherre so happy to become a grandpa i remember the smile u had on your face:) u also told me that noones gonna care about me and that its better to stay there with u cos i would be by myself here and u were right i don't have anyone all i had was you and now your gone:( i wish for anything to turn back time and have u back .your death has destroyed our family no one talks to anyone and the kids do what they just so mad i hate who ever did this to u and hope they are found please god tell me who was responsible and i hope they rot in hell.

Jul 18, 2012
Its been 7 months and i miss my dad
by: Dee U.K.

Laura, I am sorry for your loss of your dear father. Even though it has only been 6 months it is still early days to recover from grief. Because you had such a very loving relationship with your father your grief will be deeper. if you can't cope with all the feelings and emotions. Get some grief counselling. This will help you move forward better, and it won't impede your progress like it would just trying to handle things. thinking you will feel better. Grief hurts. It is very painfull. Often we feel we won't recover. It is only time that will lessen the pain. We will never get used to the lonliness and the emptiness this loss means. Even one day at a time doesn't lessen the pain but it is all we have. We are not promised tomorrow till it comes. Each new day will throw up new challenges. If you are able do some voluntary work. Or make friends within a support group to help you. Things will get better in time.

Jul 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

hi i am really sorry. i am 30 and i lost my dad 8 months ago and i too find it very hard. he went for a straight forward operation and complications happened and he ended up in icu. i never got to hear my dads last words as he was on a ventilator. i just recall saying il see you after your operation and i said to him are you okay and he said im sound.
i miss him terribly i know how you feel. my dad was 61

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