by Roberta Mmaria Hyde

10 years ago a lot of things where happening all at once for me good and bad.
We are going to New Zealand to see your mother who was on a holiday for her own sister's funeral who had also died from cancer when she fell sicker than she was over here in Australia unknown to her loving family waiting in Australia for her to return.
RING-RING-answer phone to be told that she wont be returning as she only had half her thyroid left from previous operation now had had it all removed then was placed on A BREATHING MACHINE in her sisters home surrounded by family who also loved her but she hadn't told her own family who were waiting for there mother's return. Finally she made the call she dreaded-IM DYING AND I CANT GET BACK TO YOU ALL in tears to her husband/sons&daughter. We packed up and went over after my father had to pay for everyone she loved to show there last respect to the most beautiful woman in the world.
It was sad to see her so sick from her operation and exhausted from all the noise from her sister's family made as she was used to a quiet place where she loved to be alone doing her own thing.But she was in her sister's house who she hadn't really been close to for 20 something years she lived in Australia with her own family.
Then her then 25 year old daughter/me had put her through hell for so many years without even knowing about much about my mother to start with but as she knew she didn't have long left told us to only come for 3 weeks over the Christmas holidays those 3 weeks became 3 months and before I knew I finally had the best/greatest relationship with my mother ever.
She asked me to return to Australia to be with my father then 1 month after leaving she passed away.
knowing my passport had expired and i couldn't get back in time for her funeral doesn't mean I wasn't there in heart and soul.
Ringing her twice a day became ritual after she passed away I'd still call then remember she had passed away but it was the closest we had ever been as she has been through a lot herself so I don't blame her for other mistakes/I blame them!
But that's the 1 thing I'd love to do as often as possible-ring her to say-I LOVE YOU MUM,ALWAYS AND FOREVER YOUR BABY


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Sep 18, 2012
my dad ,I wil alwyz lv u
by: Anonymous

My dad pased away on da the 15th of April 2011 , he was shot by a member of the comunity for no reason nd he was with ma uncle nd they both left us.I was in Jozi by dat time I cudi'nt bliv it bt uu nid to acpt coz it wil nt chang wht's true. I won't cey much bt losing ur lovd 1 is never easy nd it takes time to heal

Sep 15, 2012
Its been almost 10 years now.
by: Doreen U.K.

Roberta I am sorry for your loss of your Mom to cancer. I lost my husband 4 months ago to cancer. I nursed him for over 3yrs. and had to see him die slowly. It hurts to see our loved one's suffer and more hurt to see them pass away out of our lives forever. The sad fact is that families are fractured and we sometimes spend years apart for whatever reason, not speaking to one another. Then when illness strikes it brings families together. After the funeral it is then we find out whether we remain together or go our own ways and never again remain in relationship. We are inherently Selfish by nature and some of our family members just get caught up in their own world and life and it is only years down the line that we come together too late in life. We then don't get the quality of life together that we want ever again. REGRETS are also part of life. We will go on in life cycles where this becomes part of life. I think though that we can all manage to salvage some part of life that was meaningfull and significant and it is these memories we need to build on in order to move forward in life. Your mom is not alive now to worry about such things. We also need to move beyond this point as part of our grief and not regret what we didn't do. But learn to focus on the things we did do. We all have to do in life what is important to us and the fabric of our life. Mom's learn this quick when they are left with an empty nest and her children are gone. We rear our children to live independent lives and continue the cycle of family. If we get to hold our children close we are Blessed. If not it is something we have to live with. without our regets for our failures which is part of our humanity.

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