Its too much

by Gina
(Roseville, Mich)

My story has a few twists and turns, first off I am a recovering addict with a couple years clean. At about 18 months clean my husband of 16 years told me he was in love with someone elase ( via txt message ) then a month after that the dr. found a lump in my breast which we are still working on, in the meantime out of lonliness I tried to engage in a relationship with someone who is just as sick if not sicker than myself and that exploded on me, he also dumped me ( via txt message ) so at an all time low, my mother suffered a heart attack and was rushed into the hospital, while in the hospital we were told she was in the final stage of stage 4 C O P D, mind you I wasnt even aware there were stages of this ill'ness while all of this is going on another man that I have known for a very, very long time and for whom Ive always had profound feelings for came back into my life, I tried to fight it but I was vulnerable and sad so I got involved with him AGAIN ( he had broken my heart in the past ) then my mother was released from the hospital to hospice and made it two weeks and she passed. She passed away two weeks ago today, while at the memorial service for my mother the guy I was seeing was sitting with another woman exchanging phone numbers, then two days later he broke my heart again ( via txt message as well ) I have suffered so much grief and am so destroyed by my emotions that I feel like a lost soul. I dont even know where to begin to start this healing process. Im sad, lonley, bitter, angry and Im trying to survive my own deadly disease of addiction. Thank you for being here and allowing me to post.

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Apr 23, 2012
I agree with CM
by: Judi

I have also been through hell and back these past few months, but nothing like what you are going through. I believe that your biggest problem is that you are trying to fill the void in your life with a man and that never works. The only time to ever get involved with a man is when your life is going great so that if it doesnt work out you are not devastated. I agree with CM that Jesus is the answer. Also, if you get in a good church the folks will give you lots of moral support which is so much better than some guy who will leave you and worsen your problems. The people at church will not desert you and what you need now are some stable people who are not wishy-washy like these guys you keep getting involved with! There are lots of creeps out there! I hope everything works out for you!

Mar 18, 2012
There is hope!
by: Anonymous

Dear Friend,
I am so sorry for the lost you truly must feel. Text message, I just am amazed at what sin will do. The way to be released from the anger and bitterness is to forgive. I know it sounds hard, seems crazy, but let it start with accepting forgiveness from Jesus for your own sins. Then begin to forgive everyone else who hurt you, even yourself. From there get into a good church that teaches you the Bible. You will find healing and a love you never knew before, begin to enter your heart and life. From that love of God you will be able to be victorious over that addiction. There is hope my friend, my life in the past was crazy too. I was looking for love in all the wrong places--what I found was lust, not love. I actually had no idea what real love was until I came face to face with the truth of the Word of God, Jesus. He loves you more than I can say, and once He comes into your life, in those deep moments you will feel His touch. He will never leave you nor forsake you--even when it may feel like it.
You will be held in my prayers, dear friend. Take care and look up, your redemption draws neigh.
Sweet blessings,

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