J. MAE my grandma

by Tasia
(mpl,mn )

My grandmother was a very special women. She opened up her home and her heart to so many people. She was a women who loved life and lived life without even a slight look of stress on her face.
Boy did she love her family and her actions always showed it.
She would do any and everything to make sure us grandkids had what we needed and sometimes wanted. She was a fighter.
She beat cancer the year I was born 1985 and struggled through life with other conditions but she never gave up. Heart surgery after surgery, she still never gave up.
She would be in pain and still tell the family "i'm alright".
I loved that women so much that life for me has became a lot tougher just going through days not seeing her or hearing her voice. She always kept it real with us.
No beating around the bush.
If she didnt like it, she would let you know and wouldnt care what you had to say about it. If you choose the wrong path she would guide you and educate you on how to get on track,
but she was there for us no matter what we did. In her eyes we could do no wrong.
She was amazing and it hurts so bad knowing I cant call her to just vent about life and hear the wisdom that would come out of her mouth. Even if it was just "dont worry about it,
god will see you thru"
I feel like I just need to hear it from her! She was my everything. My inspiration, my mentor, my teacher, my grandma, my everything! I am the oldest of her 20 grandchildren,
so I remember her during her younger days and the only
thing that makes me smile is thinking of her in HEAVEN walking around painless, no insulin, no cpap machine, no medication,nothing just like we use to be when I was a kid.
Walking around the store shopping with grandma, oh what I would do to go back to those days.
To end this I want to say my granddmother had a heart of gold, She loved and was loved by so many. November 28th 2012 was the beggining to some of the hardest times of my life,
that was the days I received a call saying my grandmother's heart had stopped.
My entire family was able to make it to her home and be by her side that morning.
It was kinda of funny because the house was so packed, just like it use to be when I was growing up. All her children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers,
everyone was there waiting for the funeral homes to come and get her, just how she liked it. She loved to be surrounded by her loved ones. WE LOVE YOU JOHNNIE MAE CRUMBLE TILL WE MEET AGAIN!

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