Jack Francis Winterton 15/7/2011-21/4/2012 Aged 9 months- Australia

by Donna
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Jack was born on July 15 2011, 'healthy' and weighing 7lb 3oz. My waters broke at 1am (the same as his older brother) and he was born at 7:54am (the same as his older brother). He was 3 weeks early and I had a relatively good pregnancy. Jack was baby number 2 and being 20 months younger than his older brother.

Jack was jaundice at birth but nothing too concerning. Over the next 3 months the jaundice would come and go. Jack screamed/cried for abt 80% of the time. We thought we just had a 'screamer' baby. He enjoyed having his forehead rubbed in which it would settle him. Jack had his check up at the clinic and they said he was fine. His last check up (@ 6 weeks) I said to the midwife, the corners of his eyes are green, his poos are white and he cries all the time...he was also jaundice at the time. She didnt think much of it. Jack then went for his vaccinations and his doctor at the time said 'Is he jaundice?'. He looked in his eyes and said 'No...he's fine'.

When Jack was abt 10 weeks old we had a weekend of him screaming...quite different to the past screaming/crying. We comforted him the best we could. On the following Monday morning his abdomen was quite distended and I took him to emergency. He was diagnosed with Billary Atresia nearly straight away.

Jack and I lived in hospital. He was too sick to go home. He was always in pain- a never ending painful itch, diarreahea, vomiting, breathing complications- his liver and spleen were so enlarged it 'squashed' all his other organs, constant fluid in abdomen and always being drained, tube fed, daily blood tests and infusions, ultrasounds/xrays. He was on at least 20 lots of medicines daily, and they also had side effects. He rarely slept...due to his suffering. I would continue to hold him in my arms and comfort him night after night, day after day...massage the inside of his ears and head, scratch his body, give him warm baths. I rarely slept and became extremely rundown, physically and emotionally. I was watching my baby getting sicker and sicker and nothing eased his discomfort. I didnt even have the energy to cry anymore. I still had to get Jack through the days, comforting him with cuddles, songs, trips in the pram, baths, massages, playing with his toys, rocking him and changing his body positions.

We were told in January, when Jack went onto the transplant list that he would only have about 3 months to live without a donor liver. We thought that would be plenty of time. Easter of this year (2012) we were advised that he couldnt go much further than 2 more weeks.
Jack died at 2:36pm on the 21st April 2012 @ 9 months of age, 2 weeks after Easter....with no offer of a donor organ.

We are all still in shock and disbelief. We find it hard to believe that there was not a liver donated that would of suited Jack. Especially, with his declining health and being on the transplant list for so long.

Jack Francis Winterton 15/7/2011-21/4/2012
Safe in the arms of angels
"No one sees the broken heart that lies beneath my smile, No one sees the loneliness that's with me all the while,
Silent tears gently fall that others do not see,
For you are my precious Baby boy who means the world to me "

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Sep 22, 2013
My heart aches for you
by: Tammy McClellan

My son Robbie died at the age of 10 1/2 months old, in 1994. He was perfectly healthy, but was left in the tub by a babysitter while I was working. I did donate his organs, and a child was saved with his liver and bowel. I am so sorry that you are having to experience such a tragedy. I really do know how much you hurt. I wish their had been a donor for your child. They say it gets better...less frequent maybe...but never better...not until we are united again with our beautiful baby boys. Again, my heart goes out to you and yours. There truly is nothing worse and I am sorry your son died. I'm praying for you and yours!

Dec 13, 2012
Jack's Mum
by: Donna

Thank you all for your kind and caring words. I still dont believe he's gone nearly 8 months on.
Life is so so hard without him.

Jul 10, 2012
jack francis winterton 15/7/2011-21/4/2012 aged 9 months-australia
by: shaz

im so sorry for your loss,donna.what a beautiful little boy,hope it gives you a tiny bit of comfort that we are all thinking of you and praying for you,please take care of you,god bless.

Jul 09, 2012
Words cannot express our sadness
by: Cynthia

Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. The poem you attached is beautiful. I lost my son last year on April 20th . Everyday is a struggle. He was with us for 29 years. You son is beautiful and I don't understand why some little souls never get the chance to live their lives. I hope you can stay stong and just get through one moment, one day at a time. Take care of yourself.

Jul 09, 2012
Jack Francis Winterton 9month of life
by: Doreen U.K.

Donna I am sorry for the loss of your baby Jack Francis aged 9 months. Life is so unfair. We who lose a loved one are touched by grief. Your grief is a loss of a child that none of us could understand unless we have been there. I haven't lost a child. I hope I never will as the pain would kill me. When you say that no one see your tears beneath your smill and no one can see your broken heart. GOD CAN. He can send the Comforter to you. He is all we have when we can't go on anymore and the pain is overflowing. He sustains us and holds us up so we can bear this. Hold onto this HOPE.
I hope the days ahead will be find you in a place where you will be loved and supported. Where you can be calm and God could put the ointment on your wounds himself. May the Peace and Love of God be with you and your family in your days of grief and sorrow.

Jul 09, 2012
Angels Are Forever
by: TrishJ

Having never lost a child I can't pretend to know your pain. What a beautiful boy. I don't even have words to express my sympathy. There has to be a huge hole in your heart. You didn't get to have him for long enough. It seems so unfair.
I lost my husband 18 months ago and my sister just three weeks ago. My sister was special needs her entire life. I wondered at her death what the purpose of her life was. I believe she was sent to us to teach us all compassion. She did her job well.
Jack was given to you for a purpose. Your arms ache to hold him and nothing makes any sense to you. Perhaps one day you will come to realize why this precious angel was given to you and the so cruelly snatched back. I hope for that for you.
God bless you. I pray for peace and strength in the days ahead.

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