Jack, my buddy!

by Fred
(Dallas, Texas)

Jack was a beautiful orange tabby cat my wife rescued off the highway and he fit in the palm of my hand. Jack was my buddy for over 18 years. I had to let him go Sept.13,2011. I said I would not let him suffer. I have been searching for help because I have never felt this way about anything. I fear my grief will never end and I will not recover from losing Jack. I hope that receiving his ashes will make me feel as though he's back with me? Who knows? I was on a trip to Los Angeles and called everyday to see how he was doing. My wife said he was doing just fine, but the day I returned he came to greet me and just fell apart. I feel as though he actually waited for me to return and not die while I was away. I so love him for doing so, because I now know he held on just for me in pain. I really can't talk any more, so thank you all.


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Sep 15, 2011
Re Jack
by: Mandy

Hi Fred,
I'm so sorry about your loss. Being a cat owner myself I know how it feels when you lose a beloved friend. Along the way I have lost cats young and old to various conditions and road accidents and just pure old age, and it is NEVER easy!
It is very early days at the moment for you and you are still getting used to the idea of Jack not being around. When I lose a cat I find what helps immediately is 'pretending' to myself that they are just asleep in another room or upstairs, and in a way they are, I do believe they are elsewhere sleeping peacefully. What you have to remember is the hurt you are feeling now is because you loved your cat and in this world where we hear horrible stories of cruelty, Jack had owners that rescued him when he had no-one and was in danger and that loved him and cared for him. He couldn't have asked for more! You should feel proud of yourself for being such a good owner. Give yourself time and you will be able to smile when you think of Jack and you will remember his funny little ways with a smile on your face instead of feeling just hurt! Take care of yourself, Jack would want you to! x

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