Jarrett, my sons best friend

by Kim

Jarrett was our 14 year old cat, he had a brother Skittles, who died unexpectedly last year, he was 13 when he died. I got these guys in 1998 from an ad in the paper. Over the year we grew very attached to them. These cats grew up with my 3 children & have seen me through cancer & divorce & the death of my father. My son Dale who is 11 sometimes feels left out because his older brothers who are 17&19 do things with each other & sometimes exclude him. So he became attached to Jarrett, he was a wonderful, funny cat. He recently started sleeping with my son & hardly left his side. Yesterday my boys started there first day back to school & Jarrett was upstairs on my sons bed just like always but for some reason he ran off the bed & fell down the steps & immediately died, unfortunately my son witnessed it & he is heartbroken. I have talked to him & he hurts so bad because one minute his buddy was there the next he was gone. We buried Jarrett outside holding his brothers ashes & I told my son if he ever wanted to talk to him he could go outside & sit on the rock we put there & be with him. I told him Jarrett went to the rainbow bridge to be with his brother & someday we will see him again. we love you Jarrett & Skittles. xo xo xo xo

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Sep 24, 2013
by: Kim

Diane, Thank you for your comment, my son is doing much better. I still think about him everyday. After having him for 14 years, he was like one of my children.

Sep 23, 2013
by: Diane

I'm so sorry for your loss, know there are many that want to share your sorrow. I'll pray for you and your son, may your broken hearts mend in time. RIP beautiful Jarrett, may you be united with your brother, and please wait for your family at the Rainbow Bridge!

Sep 12, 2013
Jarrett, my sons best friend
by: Kim

Doreen- thank you for your great advice & kind words, it's very much appreciated.

Sep 11, 2013
Jarrett, my sons best friend
by: Doreen U.K.

Kim I am sorry for the loss of your cats Jarrett and skittles, and for the difficulties your son Dale is experiencing from his loss of his buddies.
The age gap between your youngest son Dale and his brothers will cause your youngest son Dale to feel alone and as if he doesn't fit in. this is common in families where siblings are older.
You can encourage Dale to keep His own personal journal and write in this journal all about his life with Jarrett and skittles and all his adventures and even write letters to them and let them know how he feels. He can go back and read this often when he is feeling low. This is a very therapeutic way of dealing with his grief. He will start to grow stronger from his loss in time and he may even be ready to have another cat. Encourage him not to be put off by the loss of his cats. Enjoy the memories and then make
new memories. When you have so much love to give it is good to keep this on going.
I am sorry for your loss of your father, the loss of your marriage, and your battle with cancer. I hope that you are in remission and that your cancer never comes back. I lost my husband to cancer 16 months ago and this is a horrible disease to live with. Best wishes.

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