Jayme Louise Henry - Born 19th July 2010 taken 9 Sept 2012

by Robyn
(Auckland New Zealand)

My precious Little Grand daughter taken suddenly after surgery on her hips, also a heart baby, suffered CArdiac arrest on hung on for 48hrs but her brain had no oxygen for an hour. You were such a happy little girl, so sweet and loving. My heart breaks when ever I think of you.

Your little brother Mika Mahu Henry has some of your characteristics and I believe he can feel your presence. You have left such a huge gap in our lives.

Miss you my angel

Nana Robyn

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May 28, 2014
4 years old this year
by: Nana Robyn

1 1/2 more months and you will be 4 years old. What a beautiful girl you would have been. Nana and Mummy and daddy and you rbig lil brother Mika will come and see you for your birthday. Miss you soooo miss little angel baby. The pain is still the same as when we first lost you.

Love always and forever

Nana Robyn

May 19, 2014
Your 4th Birthday Soon
by: Nana Robyn

My lil angel baby, nearly 4 years old. woww you would have been a big girl now and so beautiful, your brother Mika still talks to you,,,he calls you "My Jayme" he said said he wanted you to come back. You and Mika would be the best of friends, he is sooo funny, I can imagine you and Mika playing together, and you are moving to your own home soon, your little room will get organised again and Nana will see if Mummy will let Nana put your photo board up in it.

Love you Jayme G....miss you the same now and I did when you left us.

All my love
Nana Robyn

Jul 06, 2013
Its your birthday soon Jayme G
by: Nana Robyn

13 more days and you will be 3 years old Jayme G....Nana is going to come and visit your resting place on your birthday....I miss you so much....I cant believe its nearly 1 year since we celebrated your 2nd Birthday, you had such a grt8 day and I still remember when you opened some of your presents from Nana Robyn and Mummee and Dadee and your other Nana marilyn, nana Jan and Koro Errol...you loved all your cool presents and your Dora Doll and dinner set, after a happy day Mummy and Daddy went out and Nana looked after you, I took a photo of you while you slept...you were a perfect little angel....sleeping so peacefully....miss you so much...XOXOXXXXOOOO

Apr 29, 2013
Missing you xo
by: Cousin Chey <3

So im sitting in class, and i just felt like seeing your picture again. I still cant believe that i found your page out of no where. I miss you so much and every day i think about you. You are a special girl Jayme, and one day we will meet. Your the reason why we came back after so many years, your the reaosn why we came back and re-united with our family. Just wish you wernt the one who passed. Hunter can see you, and feel your preasents, i know he can. Anyways, im gonig to do some school work :) Love you Jayme <3 xxo

P.s Hey nana Robyn xoxox

Mar 08, 2013
Little Angel
by: Nana Robyn

nearly 6 months Jayme G.....nana organised your little space at her house with your toys and all your little clothes....looked through your photos and cried again....when will the pain go away....felt better when the lady physic said you were here still with me and Mummy and Daddy....and still chasing Nanas 6 pussycats....love you GG....miss you.....will neva forget you

nana robyn

PS your brother is so funnie...he kisses your photos at nanas house whenever he comes over

Jan 16, 2013
Missing you
by: Robyn

Nearly 5 mths have passed Jayme and you are having a little sister in June...but you already know that dont you...Nana misses you my lil angel...

Dec 12, 2012
Forever in my heart
by: nana robyn

its been 3 months now jayme since we lost you, and still I think about you everyday and miss you so much.

Nov 24, 2012
by: Cheyenne Henry

Forever in our hearts Jayme J. Love & miss you heaps! xox

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