Jean Cooper

by chloe-jean Cooper
(Spalding, Lincolnshire, England)

nanny, i miss you so much but i know that you are at peace and to know that you are not suffering like you did for all those years is what keeps me going. i know that if you was here seeing the family the way that we are you would be very upset and worried about us but i just want you to know that they are okay and i will be once i get back on my feet. i feel like being fifteen without you is really hard and the fact that you have missed james's first birthday and christmas rather upsetting and wish you were here to see them growing up. i feel so ashamed with myself that i didnt come to see you for the last few months that you were still with us but i just want you to know that i thought i was doing the right thing. i didnt want to see you as ill as you were and seeing you suffering as much as you was i found it hard to cope with and t tired you out and i didnt think that you wanted me to see you like that. i want you to know that i love you and you will always be in my heart.

i remember coming to yours after school and eating hobknobs and drinkin orange juice whilst me you and Grandad Tony watched countdown. i remember you coming for a roast dinner every sunday and me you and dad watched the grand prix together.

i want you to know that although i dont talk to dad or mum or any of the family i still love them very much and miss them too. i regret a lot of things that i have done in my life and wish i had done things differently but i an going to grow up into the mature sensible young lady that you always wanted me to be and do you proud for the rest of my life.

R.I.P Nanny Jean ...

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Sep 27, 2011
Me Too
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear Chloe, I lost my grandmothers years ago, and I never got over it, I miss them badly, they were my best friend, and I long for the day when I will see their beloved smiling face again, but till that day, there is a sadness in my heart.
It does hurt to read you are not speaking to your Mother and Father, Chloe.. though I do not know the circumstances, that is hard on you. Recently, (2 weeks ago) my Mother made me promise to never call her house again. I pleaded with her, told her it would make me cry. She called the next day, and again, ordered me to make the promise. Now my heart hurts cause I can't speak to Mom and Dad. So each day I would walk five miles just to talk to them, but last week Mom said, Geoff, You are no longer allowed to just walk over and visit. I love my Mom and Dad, but because I am mentally handicapped they are ashamed of me, Mom says her other children are allowed to talk in her house cause they are intelligent. So I can sympathize with you, but never give up, always keep them in your prayers, and never do anything to dishonor them, and you will have a peace that no circumstance can spoil, and lastly, you ARE loved dear Chloe, God loves you dear child. Sincerely, a friend from Pennsylvania, USA

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