Jesse Jay

by Melissa Dawn

Taken on my Sweet 16

Taken on my Sweet 16

7th grade I was in my first serious relation, no sex was involved, but it was every serious.
Reasons unknown I toyed with his emotions, I lied to him, he tried to change me in every way possible.

Our relationship was bound to fail, I cheated and he looked at other girls and preached the bible.
One night when we in a church lock down he struck me and didn't stop.

He beat me regularly after that for two years, I tried to commit suicide. Every sad attempt to it, but without him giving a care about me; I moved on.

I saw a counselor and tried to change my self and become more stable, it worked for a time.

I went to summer school, all of it was blank, nothing nested in my head for the next year of school. But it was kinda relaxing having a routine for a month or so, but it didn't last.

School started and by the time second hour rolled around I soon found I couldn't take comfort in the art class I signed up for, til he walked in, he caught my eye; However I ignored him.

I knew no one in that class so I often tabled-hopped and when I made the mistake with sitting across someone I knew, the teacher went into fits and I moved.

I stood and backed up and sat on the first chair that tapped my thigh and I looked across from me, there he was with his nappy hair.
Lucky, I knew a good portion of his friends, I got his number and we often texted.

Not long after we talked; after three days of sitting across each other we went to a cafe after to school to meet with another person and to 'hang out'. That other person never came, we ordered some drinks and he went first as I looked, but when it was my turn to he protested me to pay for my drink. We smiled and lightly argued and the man behind the counter smiled and laughed at us.

When he took me home, he asked if he could kiss me, I blushed and agreed, but by the time I made it into my house I called every one I knew and on minutes later we were a item.

It moved quickly, we attached at the hip and we always talked, I told him of my ex and what I was and what I did.

He accepted and loved me.

I was his first love and he was mine, we hit a calm patch and he recoiled and left me, in fits after I heard he did it out of fear, I vowed never to hurt him and to be there for him, we quickly got back together like nothing had ever happened.

One month later his great grandmother died, he is graduating from high school, he has a job, and he had me being a bit too over emotional. I wanted him to come to me about his grandmother's death, but he would do no such thing because he had to be strong for his mother and sister. I was an idiot and pressured and gave hints, but that led to the worse possible reaction.

He left me, he said he still loved me and refused to let me think anything else, he kept saying he just needed a break.

Its been close to two weeks now and I desperately want him back, I feel he is the one.

Please help me... I really want him back, he means the world to me...

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