Jigar Pandya

by Jigar

My Mother Who has not suffered but suddenly became the victim of the uterus cancer. upon the surgery, we found her okay but as her denial to move on with the cimo therapy, the different symptoms appeared again and created a major issues in the lungs like breathing problem and so on. We got it diagnosed and found that it's a newly developed cancer cells. Again, We have put it under the treatment.but we have found that this is increasing painful and not helping mother to come back to her original state of health. it has given a lot of problems to her by bodily, mentally and spiritually. I could not help my mother as I was worrying about my future much and involved heavily into the work related issues or matter.being a bright student, my mother had a major expectation to set up my life but which I delayed because of some political reasons from the society I stay in. We had people staying too close so they can observe the actions and thenby they find the loopholes to hit you back( a bad practice). I always wished to shift my mother from this place to new fresh place where there are hardly a few who knows her. I could not succeed into the same anyhow. I have tried to work hard but due to misfortune and other constraints I have lost my mother today. She was such a fantastic wife of my dad who helped him from the beginning of his life to it's fulfillment so far. Such humans are rarely seen and identified in life who could sacrifice themselves for others and also expect nothing in return, my mother was the same. she was a great mother, she never enjoyed or used money for any of the fun/entertainment she finds good to have rather she saved money and bits-pits for our growth and overall family growth. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart that she was a truly genius lady. she loved me so much that can't express that in words and that she expressed that if you ignore her even at a chance then she could go to extreme. my miskate my mother that i could not value your love and put the necessary actions in place as such. I must have taken the action to shift all of us upwards and keeping the down house blank. but it was her decision to keep it as it is. I can't force more. As there are evil natured people living in the same society, we have faced a lot of troubles convincing them that these are malpractices and will not be favored or treated in the same way as before, make sure.I have to confess onething that if person doesn't take required actions on time then serious circumstances can be occured, which seems to be the results of the no actions in life part- I will miss my mother forever. Mother - I have always loved you and request the god to grant you eternal peace to your soul. I don't have tears in eyes but tears in heart which are not seen...I have allowed you to suffer rather take you out of it, whereas you gave me all that i could not give you in-return.

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Feb 09, 2013
Jigar Pandya
by: Doreen U.K.

Jigar, your story of your mum is one of great sacrifice and devotion to her family. This is what mum's do. They are first a wife and will give all they can to their husband. Secondly they will give their last crumb to their children. This is such a joy for a mother to do. I can tell you the rewards of loving and giving to one's family fills a mother with so much pride and love that she expects nothing in return. All a mother wants is RESPECT and she can happily do her job of rearing her children to have Pride and Respect in themselves and for other's. It this happens then a mother feels she has done her job she was put on earth for which is GIVING. Giving of one's self for others does reap rich rewards in making a mother's heart full of joy and happiness. Your mother would have died in Peace and security that her children were able to carry on with life. Don't feel guilty if you did not give back to your mother the love she gave to you. Mother's know how much their children care. They have this insight in their spirit. May you go on to be happy and successful in life.

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