Joe's Poem

by Tamara Sharp

Forgive me son, I could not see the pain you had to bear.
I thought you strong and wise and old. A soul so fine and rare.
I carried you close to my heart when your life first began.
I'll carry you forever son, the child and the man
I laid my hand upon your brow and kissed your face today.
To say farewell until we meet, when next I come your way.
Above your grave, the icy wind reflects my spirit's chill.
My son is gone! my heart cries out. The world should stand still!
But as I gaze around and see that life's still moving on.
I realize that you're not dead. You've simply gone beyond.
They say this life is one big test. This is the ultimate.
do I believe God has you safe or that you've sealed your fate?
They say you've go to hell, my son. Oh, this I can't believe.
Your hell was here upon this earth. That's why you chose to leave.
I wonder how that I could fail to understand your plight.
I, who profess to love you much, just could not make things right.
I do not know the words to speak to set your spirit free.
If I could see you smile once more, it'd mean the world to me.
I see your face. I hear your voice. I shed another tear.
"I love you Joe"
I whisper soft.
Because I know you'll hear.

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Oct 27, 2013
Joe's Poem
by: Doreen UK

Tamara I am sorry for your loss of your son Joe. It sounds as if Joe was responsible for his death and you are feeling so unhappy with yourself feeling that you could have somehow saved him. Because you were his Mom you feel that you should have known his suffering that led to his death and you could have somehow stopped his death. This is grief talking. As a mother we have our limitations. We rear our sons to become men and to live an independent life. We have to nurture our children to become resourceful and steer them towards maturity and independence. We also have boundaries that protect them and us. We can injure ourselves and them by carrying the wrong load and carrying a burden that is too heavy to bear. I have done this so I know how hard it is to come back from this injury. I am sure as a mother you did your best. It is the worst pain ever to lose a child/adult child. Cry all you need to and try to release yourself from the guilt you carry. If you struggle then go and see a grief counsellor who is trained to help bereaved parents through their loss. Take one day at a time as this helped me cope with grief.

Oct 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

Its a wonderful poem and fits my son as well. Although drugs were his downfall, he was a wonderful soul, and we could not get him straight. I cry because I miss him so much, but his life on this earth, for the past 10 years or so, were not at all easy. I hope all the lost souls are at peace and happy.

Oct 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

This is strikingly so appropriate for my son also 7/82 - 7/13

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