Johnny D. Cornett Jr. Dec. 6, 1981-Sep. 2, 2010 Beloved Father of Three

by Angela Cornett
(Toccoa Falls, GA U.S.A)

My husband passed away two months and three days ago from cirrhosis of the liver. He was 28 years old and the father of our three gorgeous little girls (ages 5, 7, and 10 years old). We knew he was sick three and a half weeks before he died, but up until five days before, he was going to recover, according to the doctors. We found out on Saturday that his illness was terminal and that he had three months to live. Sunday, I was told he would survive maybe three weeks. He was admitted into hospice care at home on Monday night. Tuesday night, his sweet hospice nurse told me he had just days. Early Thursday morning, as I slept on a mattress on the floor beside his hospital bed, he passed away...

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Feb 14, 2011
by: Eunice

May God bless you and your children. My husband also died from complications from cirrhosis of the liver. He first started doctoring at the VA before I moved down to GA with him. They, in their infinite wisdom after doing some testing, sent him a letter telling him he was positive for Hepatitis C. They made him an appt in Gainesville for a biopsy and when he returned for the results. The dr informed him yes, he did have hep C, but it wouldn't be no problem for at least 10 yrs. They also discovered after doing random testing that his hep C was caused from one or more of the 13 pints of blood he received in 1985 after escaping a near fatal motorcycle/semi accident. They didn't start scanning blood for hep C until 1992. He got deathly ill in July of 08 and spent a month in the ICU in Jacksonville hospital, he was ok for a couple months or so he thought, I got him to start seeing local doctors after we got married and I had him added to my insurance. He went into a local clinic and they checked his hemoglobin level and found it to be only 4.8 when the normal for a man is 17.-18. After that it got to be a regular thing for him to be in the hospital on a regular basis at least 2 times a month, from 1 wk to 3 months. His GI dr sent him to Shands for a transplant evaluation, it was going along ok until we had to talk to the surgeons, the last one made a comment that he would have to come up out of his wheelchair, now that made me so angry, because since when don't the handicapped deserve a chance for a transplant. His last admission to the hospital was Oct. of 2010, when out of nowhere, the disease attacked his kidneys. Even putting him through weeks of dialysis didn't help. All of his organs were starting to shut down, they gave him a choice of staying in the hospital or going to hospice. They brought him home, that's where he wanted to come. He got here on a Friday afternoon, and passed on a Sunday. It was devastating, the 10 yrs the doctors at the VA said he had, turned out to be not quite 2 yrs, and his last few weeks he suffered terribly. It is a devastating disease. I feel for you because you have children, Jess and I didn't have kids. A big help is with hospice counceling and they have hospice camp counceling for children, which I understand is great and very helpful for the children who have lost a parent. God be with you and your family. Take it 1 day, 1 step.

Nov 19, 2010
Thoughts are with you and your family
by: Anonymous

My husband passed away September 27, 2010, became ill on September 12, entered the hospital on the 14th. He also had liver disease but had no idea how severe until the 14th but was sent home on the 22th with all plans of recovery. Had him home for 4 days before going back to the ER where he passed away 2 hours after arriving. I still have a hard time believing and am nowhere near ready to accept his passing. My heart and prayers go out to you and your daughters, I feel your loss and hope you find the strength you need to continue. Wishing you and your girls comfort in your memories.

Nov 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. My brother passed away under the care of Hospice July 2010. We found out he had brain cancer three weeks before he died. You have three little children you have to try to be strong for and I will be praying for you and your family that God will comfort you and bring you peace. Again, I'm very sorry.

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