Joseph Nicholas "Nick" Taylor (May 13, 1987- January 10, 2010)

by Kimberly Ann Mays
(Greenwood, LA)

My precious son,
God placed you in my arms on May13, 1987. On that day I took my first true breath of life. I held you in my arms and promised to always keep you safe. I promised to always love you, take care of you and be there for you forever. I promised you the world! On January 10, 2010, God took you from my arms and placed you in His arms once again. God didn't say why you had to leave so soon. Everything I ever promised you had now come to an end. My promises weren't fulfilled. I couldn't keep you safe as I had promised. My heart has been severely wounded from losing such a precious child of mine. My life is filled with an emptiness that can never be replaced. On the night that God came for you a part of me left to. Through God, I've been able to survive and remain here. He's given me the power to endure this pain and not surrender to it. It's been over two years now and I'm trying to put our lives back in order again, where you still remain a part of it. I've asked God to allow us the strength we need to continue this journey here without you. It's going to be long and difficult, but I know that in the end of our travel we will be with you again. You lived such a short and complicated life. You suffered many years trying to cope with Tourette's and depression. You wanted your life to end so many times because of this. God knew what you struggled with and didn't want to lose you. I believe He took you before it was too late. He wanted you to receive everything He had waiting for you. We feel cheated in every way that we had to let you go, but I know now that you have it all. Exactly how God wanted it from the start. I love you, Son! I always will. This promise I will always keep. Love, Mom

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Aug 24, 2012
God bless you & raise yu up!
by: Phyllis, Chads Mom

I feel just as you sweetheart, it has been almost 9 mths since I rocked my boy in my arms kissed him over & over, told him I loved him & prayed loud & hard in the ER room for God to save him. That was not Gods plan, Now my life is so lonely & sad, I miss him so much sometimes it seems I cant bare it. I can't enjoy anything, my Chaddy is not here to enjoy life, how can I,I will continue to pray for us Momma's with broken hearts,I ,like you, knowing we will see with each other in the Kingdom of Heaven is all that keeps me going, it seems there is nothing to live for with out my Chaddy! Mom loves you so Chaddy!

Aug 24, 2012
We are one in our pain
by: Tim's mom

I lost my son a little over two months ago. He had his own struggles that he dealt with, many of which he overcame, but some that continued to haunt him. I have many regrets about not working harder to help him. I don't know if he knew how very much I love him, although I told him at each parting. I feel so powerless over this whole thing. My son died by someone else's hand. I don't think the manner in which any of our sons have died makes this any easier. Although I search out sites such as this to help me realize I am not alone in my grief over losing a child, I wish no one else ever had to experience this. It is a nightmare like no other. I will pray for all of you - Nick's Mom, Phyllis, Lolo and Sean's Mom.

Jul 09, 2012
God Loves you!
by: phyllis Pickett

Your post broke my heart, I lost my youngest son at Christmas last year, he was an alcoholic, the dr, us everyone tried everything to stop his drinking it was a hard yr watching him slowly take his life so may hospitals, med, detox centers he.d always leave, yet he was so good to us, helped me with anything & everything, he lived close & was here all the time, I remember the night he was born, he was preemie & RH factor blood also , but we saved him, only to lose him like this, just remember Honey we will be with them again & this time there will be no illness & no goodbyes, I will pray for you, God bless you I know the horrible pain, there is none like it on earth!

May 08, 2012
The Love of a mother
by: Anonymous

The Love of a mother is unlike any other
She carried the gift for 9 months before she could open up her entire life to it.

The Love of a mother is greater then any other
She stays beside during the toughest storms
and celebrates life with every glimmer of sun.

The Love of a mother remains true when all else fails.
and one day soon the love of a mother with bring her back to the gift she had to lose.
and God and his angels will sing and praise because hell did not prevail.

Nick is always with you, Trip, Lane, Kayden and me. the emptiness is temptaion fighting for a way to come back in, it always feels stronger around his birthday, but nick wouldnt want us to fail. The Love you gave him, trip, and myself makes us stronger. That is the ultimate gift you could have given us and you have. Darkness may be around but the light breaks through stronger then the night. I love you Moma


Mar 26, 2012
I am so Sorry
by: carol,seans mom

Kimberly, I am so sorry for your incredible loss. I lost my son Sean on November 15,2011. He was born on April 6,1987. We had our boys the same spring. My life is sad and depressing now. Sean did not wake up for work one day and my nightmare began. I still wait for answers. He was the oldest of three children and my only son. I have fallen into depression and some days don't even know how I have got threw. I have tried to have alot of faith but right now I struggle. I hope God shows me how to have faith soon. I am lost and I am sad.

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