JS - Gone forever, but always in my heart

by LG
(South Africa)

"Where do I begin? To tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than the sea? "

Except ours has a twist. In the end, loving someone that doesn't belong to you, is a hard deal. Sometimes harder than losing your love outright. But I know you loved me. And you know I loved you. We told each other so. And because we had families to think of, we stood our love aside.

The decision we made at the time was the right decision. It doesn't make my love for you less. It certainly doesn't diminish my loss nor my pain.

You'll always be in my heart JS. I miss you so incredibly much. Every single day

Thank you for sharing my life. I'll love you to the end....


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Mar 27, 2011
The Pain continues
by: LG

I lie to myself i will be ok.
I tell others that i am fine.
But deep down i know the truth - my heart is breaking, day by day...
this is how it feels right now...full of spikes and pain
maybe one day it will be reduced to a memory of the love we shared...
some fluffy soft wonderful feeling
but right now, you're gone,and I'm left alone
with this....

Mar 25, 2011
by: LG

I have so much to say
othertimes, like now, the words
come slowly
but I know I must keep trying

the night you died
i dreamed of you
it was a good friend dream
and now, you're gone
i still recall our last conversation
memories of your smiles and laughs,
your chats, the jokes, the cups of coffee
the beers after work on Fridays
the betting on the rugby matches
i have your last e mail in my inbox
your name and number on my cellphone

and i have to go on (with my life)
day after day
without you
walk into the office and know
you won't be there for the coffee
you won't be there for the chats
or the smiles and laughs

and i haven't yet figured out how i will make it
without you my friend
but i know i don't have a choice

I love you my friend
and I miss you



Mar 23, 2011
Thanks Jules
by: LG

I appreciate the feedback. It is difficult having to grieve without drawing too much attention to yourself in this situation. But at the same time I cannot not grieve. The pain lies shallow and overruns everyday. I can only take it day by day

Mar 23, 2011
JS -gone forever
by: jules

I am so glad you feel that you can talk about your love here - please feel welcome, as I would imaging there are not many people you could tell of your feelings for this person.

I can only imagine how you feel, having to mask your grief in every day things, unable to explain why you are so sad at this time. Please know that you can come here, grief is grief no matter what the circumstances - and you will support, advice, wisdom and coping techniques.

Remember - every day - one step, one breath
take care

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