June 18, 2010 I lost my dear sister, Lisa to suicide.

by Kelli

In loving memory

In loving memory

Early in the evening:

Sal:(Frantic) Lisa is overdue from the store. Kelli, mom is too much for her. She is so depressed. She does nothing all day. I'm scared. She told me that if anything happened to her, I was to tell her sisters that she loved them. She told me earlier this week she was scared something bad would happened. Now I was scared...excessive talking and fear of what Lisa might do if she remained burdened with your mom's care.

Me:"Wait Sal, wait. What do you mean she is overdue?."

Sal: "She said she would only be going to the store, but she has been gone for an hour and half!! I am scared she's gonna do something bad. Your mother is too much for her. She needs to be in an old folks home." This was a lengthy conversation in which Sal talked about how bad Lisa had been all week.

Me: Okay, okay. Let me talk to my brothers and sisters, we will see what we can do. I'll call you back.

At about 11:15 PM Sal called back. This time he was hysterical.

Sal: Lisa did it!!! OH my God!! She's DEAD!!! She's been threatening this for 15 years, how was I to know she meant it this time? Here talk to this man cause I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown!!

The man: Hello Kelli? This is D.D. I am the coroner. Are you okay? Can you sit down. Here is what happened:

Your sister jumped off a seven story car garage. There were two witnesses who said she did it in one smooth motion without hesitation. She drove to the top, opened the car door walked to the edge and jumped to her death. Are you okay?

Me:(shaking and in shock) I don't know what to say or do....

Coroner: Her car is still at the scene. You will need to see the lot administrator for that. Do you have a pen? She is at this mortuary. Someone will need to identify her body. (Shock, disbelief) If you need to talk to me about anything call this number. I am so sorry for your loss.

Me: Crying, calling family.(Mind swimming) I just keep seeing the image of her jumping! Can't get it out of my head. Can't sleep! Mind won't stop! Sobbing in bed.

(The worst is I believe she planned it all 3 weeks prior to doing this.)

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Jul 21, 2010
Thank you
by: Kelli

Thank you for all your kind words. It means a lot that others understand. God has been good to me over the last few weeks. He has assured me that she is in Heaven and that she has obtained gladness and joy. I am glad she is with Him, but I still miss her so much.

Having a foundation in Christ has been the best thing for me. I am not angry with Him because I trust Him completely.

I have been trying to take care of myself physically and it helps that my husband has been a tremedous source of strength for me. It has also caused me to appreciate my siblings I still have and let them know it.

Also, Lisa loved butterflies. Now every time I see one, I say Hey Lisa! Or hey I was just thinking about you.

Looking to Jesus,

Jul 16, 2010
by: Kim

I am really sorry to hear about your sister. Suicide is a hard event to handle. There are so many questions we ask after a suicide and wonder what we could have done to help that person. I know what you are going through. It is extremely hard to handle.

I lost my 28 year old son on March 17, 2010. He had been drinking and was playing with a gun and shot himself. I too keep replaying things in my head. I cry a lot and wish he was here with us. I often ask why, but I will never know why. I just wished he knew how many people he touched and how much he was loved.


Jul 16, 2010
healing and love
by: kay

Dear Kelli
I am so sad and sorry for your loss, your story made me cry. I lost my young son in May 2010, a wonderful young man. His sister feels so sad and lost, just as I am. I am sending you all my love and healing darling. xxx

Jul 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. My son died on May 21, 2010. He was found dead in the apartment he shared with his cousin. The medical examiner kept asking me if Cody would take his own life. They are waiting on the tox report before say what he died from. He was type 1 diabetic and did not take care of himself so right now we just do not know. But the thought that he may have been so unhappy that he would have taken his own is hard for me to accept right now. So for now I just wait.

I know what you are going through because even if my son did not overdose on his meds he was still killing himself slowly by not treating his diabetes properly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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