Just like in the Movies. That knock on the Door! I love you my Stephen alway!

by C.D. Easton

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
He shaved his head 4 yrs before his death to help fight childhood Cancer.
His favorite saying was
My handsome Son.

It was his 34th Birthday June 12, 2012 having fun at the beach enjoying life with friends.I had called him about 2:00 to wish him a Happy Birthday as our call ended he said " Love you Mama...Always" As they where coming home a terrible accident took his life instantly a little before 8:00 p.m..He was the only one.
Around 11;00 p.m. there was that knock on the door... I was already asleep.They informed my husband and then asked if he wanted them to tell me. He awoke me and told me to come into the living room. As I came around the corner there where two State trooper standing there. Not really awake they told me. I said not my son what kind of car? Black Jeep.The rest is a blur.
We had to inform his older sister who was only minutes away from the Hospital they had taken him to but she drove 35 miles to come and get us.No one spoke, all silent on the way there. When we arrived He looked like he was sleeping and had a small smile on his face. I started hitting him on his chest telling him to wake up--- this isn't funny son WAKE UP!( His girlfriend was a RPN Nurse and He the Jokester.) I was wishing It was a sick joke and not for real. My Daughter said Mom stop! I laid my head on his chest and said I'm sorry son. I love you---Always.
I still don't understand why God would take a beautiful young man in perfect health that did so much for his Family, friends and Community. There where over 500 people at his Services.People came from over 3000 miles away to be there.I was proud and will alway be of my son.
Today is Halloween one of his favorite Holidays and a hard one for me as I'm sure they all will be without him. RIP my Son.I will LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

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Dec 09, 2012
Oh no!
by: Anonymous

this Sat will be the 1st anniversary of my sons death I am having lots of trouble, I have never been able to really accept my young son is gone from this life for, I miss & love him so, he was my friend best buddy, the pain is just too much, I feel so bad for Dear, I will pray for you, do like me hold onto the fact we will get to be with them for ever in Heaven Hugs to you!

Nov 02, 2012
for CD
by: Vickie Ca

CD, I am so sorry for the loss you and your family suffered and still are. I imagine it still all seems so unreal. I lost my daughter three yr's ago in a tragic car wreck. She had just turned twenty-six. The days that are in front of you are going to be challenging. I never thought I would be here sane three years later but -I am. I am not going to tell you that it is Gods will or anything like that. I just want to tell you that losing a child is probably the most difficult thing a person can go through. I have been very blessed to have met a very special lady here and the support she has brought me has changed my life. I have another very nice friend from here who has been very supportive also. Unfortunately she is out of state but we still email and she is a dear person. They have both lost an adult child as well. What I have personally learned along the way is, that this can All become so overwhelming and after time goes by, you will find yourself discovering who truly cares and supports you. People have great intentions but after awhile they often don't ask about your son or daughter probably fearful it is to painful for you. But as a parent all you want to do is talk about your child. How much you Miss them and how damn hard this is. Just know that your are NOT alone and there are many of us who DO understand the magnitude of your loss and pain. Keep coming here and talking when you need to. I along with my friends that have lost children as well, have learned it can be lonely and having someone who knows your pain can be a real lifeline.

I will keep you in my prayer's. There is light and it will come in time. Just take it one day at a time and if that is to hard, then one hour at a time, or one minute at a time.

With prayers and love, Vickie vjh829@yahoo.com

p.s. If you ever want to talk more privately here is my email.

Nov 01, 2012
He lives on in your heart
by: Jurline

Thanks for sharing. You raised a loving son and his love will never die. As long as you live, he lives on and together you both will be in eternity. Peace be with you.

Nov 01, 2012
Just like in the Movies. That knock on the Door! I love you my Stephen always!
by: Doreen U.K.

CD Easton I am sorry for your loss of your son to a tragic accident. The earth is claiming many young people to accidents and sudden deaths. Many families left bewildered hardly able to comprehend their loss. How can a parent weigh up what happened so suddenly to plunge a family into chaos and sorrow.
Every parent dreads that final moment of delivery of bad news that claims the life of a loved one. My sister got a knock at the door 5 years ago to say that her 30yrs. old son had thrown himself in front of an express train and they had to use thermal imaging to locate all the body parts. A family plunged into the madness of Grief.
On March 28th 2009, we got the news about my husband. "You have an inoperable, incurable, aggressive lung cancer caused by working with asbestos. We will offer you Chemotherapy immediately. I felt my world collapse. I had to go and then tell the family. 3 Adult children and extended family. Whilst my husband sat bewildered unable to process HE WAS GOING TO DIE. He died 6 months ago and Life will never be the same again.
The atmosphere of life has changed forever. I now have a life sentence of LONLINESS.
We will never understand how someone who lives well and is a good member of society and loved by all would be taken from this earth so suddenly at the prime of life. I am done trying to understand WHY? Some people get HEALED Supernaturally by God from diseases and some don't. I find it hard to see DEATH as a form of HEALING.

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