karl , 34 wonderful years.i miss you.

by christine

my  son karl

my son karl

i lost my son 4/3/2015.getting weaned off of a vent to come home.he got infection in his blood(sepsis)HE WAS TO COME HOME MARCH 31.i left him at that skilled nursing home at 9am march .30th to come home to get his bed n medical items in house.at 3pm.they called and said he was unresponsive in bed.he was rushed to the hospital where they put him on vent.they found he had pneumonia ,uti, infection in his blood .they tried .after 2 brain waves he wasn't there,he was without oxygen too long..good friday me and his 2 brothers had to let him go.they are responsible for not testing him when i told them he wasn't feeling well.they said they took tests and he is ok .he has flu.sad that the hospitals pull him thru everything and he was there only 43 days to get infection to die from it.it should be against the law for this to happen.he was downs n almost deaf,so he couldn't say how he was feeling.i miss him so much.he would smile and his eyes glisten .i'd spend many nights there with him watching movies and he'd rub my hand .karl had a gentle soul.everyone who meet him ,would like him ,he had so many friends .i spent everyday with him thru this.he was sick in the hospital dec.9, 2014-feb 11,2015.all from virus ,he got double pneumonia.i held him as he left.it's the worse heartache i'm going through losing my son.miss his hugs .press his nose against mine and blink his eyes fast and laugh.i'd tell him butterfly kiss.when i see a butterfly i think of karl .karl was amazed with butterflies,hummingbirds.elephants,deer,he loved all animals.

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Apr 24, 2016
thank you
by: karl's mom

i want to thank each and everyone who helped me in the first year without my son.your stories of your loss helped.i knew i was not alone.god bless each of you.

Aug 30, 2015
Dear Christine
by: louisa okoro

My heart goes out to you Christen. I lost my daughter Alero tragically 13 years ago and am still grieving. It hurts so much but God cushions the pain and gives us strenght and . fortitude to live. I cry most days as I am crying while typing this message but the hole has healed but the scar is an ugly reminder. Take a baby step one day at a time. My prayer is with you and all parents in this route.

Jun 24, 2015
by: Wendi

I am so sorry for your loss of your son. I can not bear the thought of what you are feeling. My prayers go out to you.

May 19, 2015
getting aloing with the loss
by: sheela

Hello Karl's mother,
I can relate with the grief you are undergoing through. It's 19 months since I lost my son Hari to a relapse of TB Meningitis. I would tell it will be 20 months from the date of his hospitalisation. Your Karl was a wonderful son and I know that they live in our hearts as our hearts beat and as we breathe. They become our shadow forever. My son Hari is and was a wonderful son and a gem of a boy in his prime youth of 23 years. He was my motivator, my warrior during my low downs and always made me smile and laugh with his talk. 2011 November 19th is etched on my mind, the day he was diagnosed with Meningitis due to miliary TB. He was on meds for 1 full year and was given a clean bill of health except for his low immunity which he had to develop. I don't know how many times I have asked the specialists whether I have to take him for further tests or any meds or anything which is required for him to lead a healthy life. Each doc said nothing to worry, he's absolutely fine and there was no chance of a relapse. Exactly ten months later the relapse came back with different symptoms and after he slipped into coma due to lack of oxygen to the brain, they say these type cases are like one in one hundred thousand. For his healthy living I had an ear operation done for him after consulting many specialists..And today I feel maybe there was that remote TB cells in the body which were sleeping were triggered and that was the onset of the relapse. We all miss our adult children but they do live in us. Write down your grief in a book Christine, scream it out, cry like never before and let down your emotions. I can only send lots of hugs and love to you and emote with you. Write your feeling whenever you feel like and here on this grief page we all will share our grief and help each other to go on with it. Hugs to you, Hari's mother Sheela

May 18, 2015
Lost and confused
by: Anonymous

I lost a loved one on April 1, 2015 with similar scenarios - lack of oxygen, developed pneumonia, placed on ventilator. The pain I feel is so unbearable. One would think if they are in the hospital, they would be in the best of care but this is not so. I fell your pain and just know you are not walking this journey alone.

May 18, 2015
I'm so sorry...
by: SoSadDad

Christine, my heart goes out to you. Karl looks like a loveable teddy bear, and losing him will be the most difficult thing to cope with. I have lost both of my daughters, so I lknow a little of what you are feeling now. And such a recent loss. Christine, just try to hold on minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. Hold on until you get to where you can think about what Carl would want for you now. May God bless you and hold you tightly in His arms.


May 18, 2015
You were blessed...
by: Rachael Sharon

Hi Christine
i share your pain dear one, to grow a child to this age and for them to be a part of our lives for so long and then suddenly just gone..it feels so unfair, so painful,i lost my boy Alistar Kyle Moonsamy -24yrs on the 16/05/2014 in a tragic accident, it's now 1 year and the pain is still ever fresh, how i have come this far is only by the strength from God who has given me the needed comfort and strength. pray to God everyday for the strength to continue and hold on to the memories of your smiley boy. Nothing is worse than the pain of losing a child,but we were blessed to have them as part of our lives, cry if you want to, don't hold back from grieving, you will feel better once you've had a nice cry.i will keep u in prayer..much love..Rachael aka Alistar's mom

May 16, 2015
Bless your heart
by: Anonymous

You are a kind and loving Mother Bless your heart.

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