by Kathy

Robyn's parents were not too happy about the choice of husband and in the end they were right. It put a rift between her family and her. Her Mom started getting closer to me. It seemed since she had me Rob was a thorn in her side. Robs husband could never keep a job so her family and mine started to help with bills, rent, food, even Vet bills, dog food, etc. Robs Mom and Dad just couldn't afford it. It was putting a huge burden on them. Robs Mom and I became closer as both our families tried to help them out. Rob started saying things like "Your the daughter they always wanted" "Your wedding picture is on my Mom and Dad's bureau", Your better for them then me". We sat down one evening and I could hear the sadness in her voice, that she felt for her Mom. It was then I decided that God had blessed Rob with this beautiful Mom, not me. I slowly bowed out gracefully with their family and Robs Mom began to see her beautiful daughter again without me in the way. I loved Rob and her familyso much I would never hurt her in any way. I hurt so much at first not having Robs family but Rob told me her Mom and her started to mend things together. I stayed away from the family except to talk to them occasionally. Rob and her Mom became best friends. That was 15 years ago. Rob and I stayed best friends all this time. I wanted her to have the Mom I never had. I knew what it was like to be forgotten and never wanted that for her. Her mom was at her side when she passed, and she called me immediately. I miss Rob so much it hurts. She was my very best friend.

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Aug 19, 2012
Thank You Doreen
by: Kathy

Thank you so much for your kind words Doreen. I really needed them. I will take your advice and start praying for a friend just like Robyn. Rob's Mom and I talked last night. See their family didn't know why I had bowed out gracefully-but I did it for Rob. I know I hurt them bad. I prayed last night that God would help me restore our closeness. I think it will have to be a miracle on God's part but I am so greatful to God to have had the opportunity to have talked to Rob's fantastic mom.

Aug 18, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Kathy I am sorry for your loss of your best friend Robyn. You had a relationship that was a good strong bond and now she has gone you will be torn in two for a long long time. Your mother must have brought you up well otherwise you would not have the good values you have. You stepped out of the way to let Robyn and her mum have the relationship they needed to have. this was a very selfless act. You also maintained friendship with Robyn and this never altered despite the way Robyn's mum embraced you like a daughter. This is a LOVE STORY. You have to ask God to give you another best friend just like Robyn to help you through your grief, and someone to be with you a long long time. Everyone needs a friendship like this to get them through this tough life. I hope you will be Blessed in the future and that your grief will not be so painfull as some of us have to bear and find it hard to go on in life.

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