Ken And Sheena - My Nan And Grandad

by Jess Clow

My Grandad was so funny

My Nan and Grandad meant the world to me...i was very close to them and used to write letters to them because i used to love how they told me they used to wait for the postman just to get my leter.

Christmas 2009 is when everything started to go downhill. Grandad got sick and the doctors turned him away, and then he found out he had liver cancer which was horrible because his eyes and skin turned yellow. Before i found out the severity of the situation, was the first time i went to see him...i walked in to the front room and he was laying on the sofa helpless and weak...i was scared if i'm honest. I went down and sat by his side on the floor and he held my hand. In March he was taken to Southampton to have his liver drained or so he thought...a curtain was pulled around and he was told he had as little as a week to live...We chose to not have him in the hospitals...we (including my nan,auntie, uncle, cousin, mum and me) looked after him at home which is the most difficult thing i had ever had to take on as i was only 12 at the time...Then he died on 1st April, April fools day. And his funeral was the day after my 13th birthday...Whilst Grandad was dying we knew nan wasnt herself...she started to go a little bit yellow but not as bad as grandad...she was being sick alot too...but we thought it was just the stress of it all which is was so horrible on the day of his funeral when in the car with nan and your sitting their thinking that i wouldn't have her for much longer.

Nan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after grandad died and died in July of that year... We also chose to look after her at home.. which is the most emotional event i have ever experienced in my life... i can't even begin to explain. Nan was always petite but she became so very skinny and fragile... except her stomach which bloated bigger than a pregnant lady because the cancer was taking over her body... I went away for a weekend with my dad and i sent nan a postcard so someone would read it for her... I sent it...but when i got home mum sat me down and hugged me and said nanny passed away whilst you were gone...She never got my postcard.

I miss them terrible, and even to this day i cry my eyes out just thinking about how not one but both of them aren't here. I can't begin to explain how much they meant to me...and they didn't always have an easy life...The experience i had made me lose belief in any kind of God.. You see my nan was Catholic and believed in God...But after the long nights and the evil i really thought that surely if God existed he wouldn't do this to my grandparents.

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Sep 10, 2012
by: Jess Clow

Thankyou... the one thing i can never understand since the day they died is this idea of sin and evil. I learnt that Evil occurs for a few reasons. God is testing us, God is punishing us, I never understand what they would have done to deserve it, my nan was religious to. One of her very well known sayings is 'God is good'...I truly believe that you can die of a broken heart.

Aug 27, 2012
Ken and Sheena - My Nan and Grandad
by: Doreen U.K.

Jess I live in England also. I am sorry for your loss of your nan and grandad. You were so young to lose such special people from your life. It is difficult to grieve as we get older but when one is as young as you it is especially hard. It was good that you had a good team of relatives all looking after your grandad, and the with your nan. It does help when you have support with the care of loved ones. Jess God gave us life and he said that we will one day die. This is only because we live in a sinfull world. The world is not all evil but evil does exist which is why we need God in our life. You are young still so will have to process life each day with grief and also getting an education and just living which is very hard today. For me knowing God doesn't mean I have an easy life. In fact it is the opposite. I have more trials, and tribulations and pain. But having God on my side means I can go to Him for comfort and help each day to get through life. I hope that you find in life what works for you and that you will be happy again and the you will have new people in life that will allow you to add new chapters in your life that will be meaningfull. You can also keep a nana and grandad journal and start writing in this all the memories you have of them and you will always have this. Do it whilst you have the memories. When we get older we lose a lot of the memories we have which is why keeping a journal is a good idea. Be Happy.

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