by Jan

My sweet Kerry boy.

My sweet Kerry boy.

On October 27th. my world came crashing down when my beloved Cavelier King Charles Spaniel died in my arms of a heart attack or stroke. Just before he died he laid back and kissed my cheek and my son's cheek. Kerry was a registered Therapy Dog and my shadow. He had been my Mom's dog until she passed and we became his family. Seeing how devoted he was to her, I could never imagine that he would show that devotion to anyone else, but he did. For 12 years he was part of my life and followed me everywhere. When we first met his eyes weren't even open and I held him in the palm of my hand. How fitting that he died, cradled in my arms. I begged God not to take him, not now, but when I saw the pain he was in, my love for him was too great and I told him it was time for him to go to be with his first mommy. I said I'd be alright, I lied, I'm not at all alright. The pain is literally gut wrenching. He would scratch at the door when I took a bath until I let him in. I talked to him when my Mom died as we both loved her so. He was there through a very sad time of my life and would literally hug me and kiss away my tears as I cried. I am lost without him even though I have 3 other dogs, we were the closest because of our bond of loss. I was blessed to have in in my life and I would have done anything for him.
If I could just hold him one more time, take him for one more walk or car ride, I'd do anything, pay any price. I've been through this 6 times in my life and every time, I say never again, but how do you say "no" to a love of your life. Rest in peace little man, Grandma will watch over you now. Thank you for everything, I will forever love you and miss you. You have been my life angel and you will never be forgotten.

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Feb 15, 2016
Sharing in your grief
by: Anonymous

I share in your grief for the loss of your Cavalier. I just lost my best little buddy yesterday from heart failure, and the pain is unbearable. He fit in my hand when I got him, and grew to be a truly beautiful blenheim Cavalier. Most people don't understand the breed, and have no clue what you're talking about when you tell them how sweet, gentle, and caring they really are. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will love you beyond words, and my boy did. He grew to love my partner as much as me, which I didn't think was possible. He was truly a beautiful soul, and I will always remember that.
Those of us that have owned a Cavalier... we're lucky people. Dogs are naturally loving, but Cavaliers take it to another level. We got to experience that true pure love and it's beautiful. I miss my little guy so much, but he isn't suffering.

Feb 07, 2016
by: JOhanna

We got Gracie when she was three years old, and she was the most wonderful cavalier, she died three weeks ago, suddenly from heart failure, I miss her snoring and sitting by the pantry waiting for a snack, she was my best friend and I don't think I will ever get over losing her, I have another dog Mickey who is 13 I hope he lives a few more years

Sep 06, 2012
The King Of Kings
by: Lorraine grace

I have just had the most horrendous news that my beloved Benji passed away peacefully in his sleep at the tender age of 13 years and 1 month. Just like KERRY, my cavvie was my late father's (we bought Benji just after my dear mother died suddenly) however my heartbroken dad did not have the pleasure of getting to know Benji (who my Dad picked after me saying very inoccently, of why u picking him Dad, he has a blotch on his face, my Dad said don;t be silly that blotch is his nose!) it wasn;t it was a slight pigment, that blenhiems have a little speckle of brown on his perfect white & brown coat. Oh my, I miss him sooooo much, he helped me with the grieving of my parents, always there licking, laughing, wagging his tail with happiness, even when we moved home so many times to eventually move overseas, 4000 miles away, yes he was in a pey carrier in the HOLD of an aircraft!!! British Airways coming to the Carribean, where NO ONE had even seen a King Charles Spaniel!!! I will NEVER NEVER forget his ways of adapting to any situation, without any stress, always a smile and wagging tail, my beloved BENJI, we are going to hold a memorial service for you on SATURDAY. FUNNY, THE vets said he passed peacefully as eventually his liccle heart (always on medication dear Benny!) and his kidneys failed, just the way my dear Dad passed, how coincedental is that?? Dad, please be there to greet Benji, you truly missed out on this beautiful character & breed, you and Mum wud have loved him, altho he would have been a few to many pounds overweight knowing how generous you both were!!! God bless Cavvies all over the world. I a, blessed as I still have MARLEY, 4 yrs old...wil he reach the tender age of King Benji? at 13 and 1 month.....Bless Kerry Boy too, so cute picture, bless and cherish the memories this lovely breed of dog gives us.... xx

Oct 31, 2011
Never to Be Sundered
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Your message is so beautifully written that I am still crying, I could sense your pain as I am still wounded from the loss of my pet eight months ago. What I would do to hold her again! But God is so wonderful, He tells us that He is love, therefore since God is love, and cannot lie, we will one day hold them again, our hearts that were knit together here, will be reunited, never to be sundered apart, and that, yes that will be why heaven is heaven, and God is love!

Oct 31, 2011
King Kerry
by: TrishJ

I typically don't comment on the posts that people write about their pets because they all break my heart. I don't know what to say.
My daughter has a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He had to stay with my husband I for 18 months because he was chewing the wood work in my daughter's apartment while she was at work. What wonderful animals they are. These are the gentlest dogs (but very protective - don't set them off).
I can't even imagine being without this dog. He has returned to live with my daughter after she purchased her home. I still see him several times a week and take him for long walks. Everyone who meets him loves him.
The picture of your little guy is heart warming. What a beautiful animal.....I'm sure as trusting, loving and loyal as he was gorgeous.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Our pets are like our children and it's so hard to lose that unconditional love.

Oct 31, 2011
Pet Grief
by: Sherry Joyce

Hi Kerry,

I so identified with your suffering the loss of your dear pet and saying that you have been through this six times. I have been
through this 4 times with 2 sets of Irish Setters and now have 3 Westies, 2 of which are 14 and one is 10. One is sick now and my heart aches knowing that she will probably not last to Christmas. She is not in pain (that we can tell) but her liver is going (probably a cancerous tumor) and she can hardly walk -
yet her daily kisses and sweet manner have been the love of my life as I have loved no other dog-child. I told her a few days ago that I will find her in heaven. For now, all I can do is be there for her, comfort her and know that she will let me know when she cannot go on no longer and that I will be OK. Losing humans is hard - but losing treasured pet companions is equally as hard if not harder because of their unconditional love.
Know that someone is thinking about you and wishing you good thoughts and healing.

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