by Leah

After my husband I got a divorce, our children were very distraught. Especially our daughter. To comfort her we decided to get a kitten. We had just rented a home and so when adopting pets in our city, the shelters require to see the pet agreement. We had a pet agreement with our landlord who was wonderful, but it was a verbal agreement.

We looked at different shelters and picked out kittens but this place required that you not have a dog (which we did), another place said yes, but needed to talk to our landlord. He didn't return calls that weekend, and so for 2 weeks we were on a roller coaster ride with still no kitty. I told my 12 year old daughter to ask God to send us the right kitty for our family.

So the next weekend, I called my landlord and told him we would be getting a kitty and would he please be available for the shelter's call. So he was ready. We went to a shelter and found 2 kittens, brother and sister. I thought the male was beautiful and the female was cute but had some major ears! The male was already spoken for, so we took the female.

Then of course, the shelter wanted to spay her before we took her home, so we had to wait another week. Anyway, we went back to get her and we thought about keeping the name the shelter gave her. (Daisy, the male was Donald. Get it Donald and Daisy Duck?..Walt Disney?.)

She was the absolute sweetest kitten we ever had. We called her "The Baby" and then "Baby Kitty Cat" and then "Baby Kit-Kat" and then just Kit-Kat. She was a grey tabby, who by the way grew into her ears and was really pretty. While Kit Kat was intended to be my daughter's cat, she chose me as her mommy. My kids went back and forth between my home and my ex's home so really I spent more time with her than anyone.

She slept on my bed every night. She got an upper respiratory infection when she was little and insisted on sleeping on my pillow. She snored the entire night. I kept moving her down by my side and she kept creeping up to my pillow. She wanted to be right by my head! She finally won!

I could go on with so many stories. She was a flying cat! She would jump from one piece of furniture to another. She was this little cat who would jump 12 feet sometimes just because she could. Of course we rewarded her, so she did it a lot!

She was an indoor-outdoor cat, so our neighbors got to know her as well. Everyone loved her except for one neighbor who hated cats. Who do you think Kit-Kat loved to go visit? It was hilarious. She would rub up against her whenever that neighbor came over. It was like Kit-Kat wanted to convert her or something. Kit-Kat was good at converting dog people to not necessarily cat people, but Kit-Kat people!

She was sort of a cat/dog. She had the best traits of both. She followed me around like a dog all the time. If I went outside to work in the yard, she followed. If I sat on the couch, she was on the couch either beside me or on the back next to my head. She also had this hilarious way of draping herself on either side of the back of a chair or couch so that the legs on one side of her were draped on one side of the furniture and her legs on the other side were draped over the other side.

She also had the funny habit of getting right in the middle of the family. She would sit at the table just like everyone else, in a chair. You would see her little face peeking above the table. She would wait in the morning when the kids ate their cereal until they were almost finished. We would give her the last few tablespoons of milk left in the bowl.

If you were reading and put your book down to go to the kitchen or bathroom. You came back and she was asleep on your book, same thing with the laptop.

I got remarried 7 years ago and Kit-Kat converted my "dog loving" husband. He has been such a support through all this. He is really sad as well. Kit-Kat used to love to walk on my husband when he was laying on the bed. It was funny.

Kit Kat was my baby for almost 11 years. She developed diabetes. Just as we were finding out about the diabetes, she developed an infection on her tongue. This infection just came on really fast and her body, with its suppressed immune system and lack of circulation, could not fight the infection fast enough.

She was in the hospital for several days and went downhill so quickly, we were just in shock. The doctor said her tongue had become necrotic. I had to come home to look that up, it meant dead tissue. My sweet little baby was so sick and the infection kept her from eating and drinking and grooming herself. She was miserable and the doctor said that the diabetes complicated treatment and so we decided to let her go.

My daughter and I are so, so, so sad. Our house just doesn't feel like home anymore. Kit-Kat was such a part of the house. She ran to greet you when you came home. She yelled at you when her food bowl was empty or her water wasn't fresh. I am so lonely I can't even believe it. My daughter is 23 and still in college, living at home with me. We have cried for days.

I've stayed home from work for 2 days. Not everyone understands how much our baby means to us. I just can't believe she's gone. As Kit-Kat was getting older, I knew the day would come when we would lose her. I knew it would be hard. I had no idea how devastated I would be. I just want to touch her one more time and have her give me a little nose kiss.

This cat followed me wherever I went. I haven't gone even to the bathroom alone ever since we got her!! She was as devoted to me as I was to her. She always knew when I was sick or had a migraine or was upset. She would just lie next to me and things were better. This would be one of those times when she would be right here with me. But she's gone.

My daughter's good friend said that Kit-Kat had a great life. We used to comment on it. We wanted to come back in another life as Kit-Kat: hanging out by the pool staring into the bushes at nothing. We figured she caught a lizard or something there years ago and she just enjoyed reliving the moment.

I miss my "Sweet Angel Kitten" as my daughter used to call her. All the psycho babble stuff says I'll get through this. It just doesn't feel like it right now. God I miss her.

I know this is long!! Thanks for reading...

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Sep 19, 2012
by: Linda

I am so so very sorry for your loss of your beautiful kitty, Kit-Kat! She sounds like she was such a love. You are hurting right now, and it feels like it will never be better. You never stop hurting over losing your furbaby, but it does get a little easier to handle that pain as the days go by.

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