kitty 12 wonderful years

by Karen Lorentson Harless
(Hinckley, Illinois)

sleeping while we finish our dinner
sleeping with his hammie
our memorial to him

This might be long but my husband and I are pouring our hearts out so this is how it goes:
It was 12 years ago we decided to adopt a pet from TAILS. A few weekends sitting in the multi cat room to see if there might be one I wanted.
Along came a black & white tuxiedo which sat on my lap as if to stake a claim on me.
Upon the 3rd weekend, I went back to see if he was still there. Yea, he was, it was ment to be. So I took him home.
I dont know if anyone has had a pet that followed you everywhere like a shaddow just wanting to be with his humans all the time. Sit in the kitchen window to watch me leave for work with a few silent meows behind the glass as if to say "dont go mom, stay home with me".
Oh yes, and the facial expressions, the Humphry Bogart look when he was mad, the Betty Davis eyes when excited, and the Jackie Chan squint when we woke him up. Not to mention the loud content purring which was 99% of the time.
Oh and pizza night, when it was delivered to our house, all we had to say was "Pizza Dude" and out pet was on the back of the couch to greet the driver who couldnt leave until he made the manditory cat petting.
He would also sleep each night with me. If he wasnt there to fall asleep, he was always there when I woke.
When we were under the weather not feeling good, he would come and confort us just as we always did for him.
Taking him to the retirment home to see the elderly residence was one of his favorites. Gosh all that attention. he love it.
With no assigned name we would call him usually Kitty, fuzzy, smelly cat or fuzzy . lol
As of yesterday, I had to make a decision which has been done several times before. Only this time it has been very upsetting and painfull for Evan and I.
We keep expecting to see him walk around the corner and join us on the usual night lap time after he has his treats. To meet us in the kitchen cause its chow chow time. To play chase or hide and seek only to out smart us each time.
For all of the 12 years we didnt have a pet, we had a family member.
Our loved one is now up above at Rainbow Bridge and is pain free.
I hope everyone at some point of time in their life can love a pet so much that it becomes part of their family too.
We miss him so much.

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Aug 19, 2016
kitty 12 wonderful years
by: christine

Now you have your memories. Kitty will be with you always. It is not easy and tears will come for a long time. The hurt is right up there with losing a family member. I lost a kitty also. She adopted me. She became very spoiled and my baby very fast. She had a mind of her own and she let me know just how things where going to be. I loved her very much, only had her for 8 years and that has been a few years ago now, but seem like only yesterday. It hurt so much, still does. When I lost my son two years ago there was that hurt and heart ach again. We are animal lovers and our pets are more to us than animals. They do become a part of the family, a part of us. When their time us up, just like people, a very huge void is left. Help each other through each day. Comfort each other, and remember all the happy, funny times with your Kitty. You will always miss her. God Bless You.

Aug 19, 2016
Kitty 12 Wonderful Years
by: Lynn

Please know I understand -- sending you both love, prayers and many hugs.....

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