Kyle, by Terri (Hickory, NC)

My oldest son, Kyle, 24 years old, died of an overdose from the drug, Fentanyl, on June 15th 2012. My story is almost identical to Laura's story of her son, Shawn. Kyle decided to try injecting the gel from the patch which he went to sleep and never woke up again, in March, he tried heroin for the first time and he went down hill from there. He was the most handsome, loving, physically strong person Ive known, everyone loved him and he always was there to uplift you in times of despair, he left behind the most beautiful 7 year old little girl in the world. He had a big heart and could give the best bear hugs you could ever get. I took him to rehab and he would stay for a week, then he would check himself out, and go back to the same old friends and ways. My youngest son, 21 years old, helped him to bed the last time anyone ever saw Kyle, but it wasn't anything unusual that he hadnt had to do before. I am heartbroken forever, he would have been scared to death to know he was breathing his last breath. I am angry, I am sick, I visit the cemetary 3 to 5 times a week and beg God to take me also. My life has changed forever and if I could help these kids out there today, I would, so no other parent or sibling or child has to go through this loss in their lives. I loved him so much and he knew that, he always took his frustrations out on me because you do that to the ones you love most, I will never get over this and I will mourn the loss of my oldest precious son forever.

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Apr 12, 2013
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
by: Anonymous

Tomorrow I will face your first birthday in 25 years without you with me, I know you will be celebrating the best birthday you have ever had and I thank God that he can show you what a real birthday party is like, I Love You and will Miss You Forever, keep your arms wrapped around me, keep loving me and keep me going, I know you are at peace and happy with our loving father in heaven, until I see you again, I Love You Forever,

Jan 17, 2013
7 months Sweetheart
by: Anonymous

Cant believe its been 7 months and not a bit easier, my life has changed forever, I will never be normal again, keep your arms wrapped around me and guide me so I can keep on going, I love you and miss you forever, Love, Mom

Oct 24, 2012
another sad mom
by: Anonymous

So many kids dying of these drug overdoses. My son was 28. They called it poly pharmacy - a overdoes of percription medication that he was on. I can't stand it already. I wish these Drs would quit handing out pills like they are candy and I wish these drugs like heroin were off the street. Too many young lives being lost, too many parents, siblings, and children grieving over all these losses. Its is so heartbreaking.

Oct 24, 2012
Kyle, by Terri (Hickory, NC)
by: Doreen UK

Terri I am sorry for your loss of your son Kyle to a devastating death. It is the cruelest of passings from drugs that are a curse in our society. If only the kids out there however young or old knew what they were doing to their loved ones? KNOW NOW!! THE PAIN, THE HEARTACHE, THE SORROW. FOREVER. A slow painful death for those left behind grieving.
A mother carries her child for nine months but is a mother FOREVER. She rears her child with all the LOVE, CARE, AND TENDER NURTURING, a mother can. Terri this pain will be with you forever till it gets less, but the scars will remain forever. I just don't know why Adult children experiment with drugs and in a way are dicing with death. Look at all the celebrities who have died at the hands of drugs! Is this a good role model? for our young people, or is it just a fashion now that will continue in this modern day and age. I just don't know. DRUGS CLAIM LIVES! When are our children going to WAKE UP.
May God Comfort you in your Pain and Sorrow.

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