Kyzer & Kyobi My Furballs

This is a sad but and very real and unjust story, on how an evil and vindictive girl can ruin a human mom and 2 very unique and special puppies lives.. In March/2005 I drove to Texas to pick up my 4 week old baby fennec fox.. He was the most precious little furball that I had ever seen..I named him Kyzer.. Kyzer needed a friend so in July/2006 I went back to Texas and brought home another 4 week old baby fennec fox.. I named him Kyobi.. My heart was complete.. The two of them were the most special pets that anyone could ever hope for..

I work at home, 10 hours shifts 4 days a week and then shorter shifts on the remaining 3 days.. They were my buddies and co-workers for 4 to 5 years.. They sat on my desk or just hung out in the office with me all night.. At about 4:00 am Kyobi knew it was dinner time, so he would sit the side of me and just wait until my break.. I would go and fix their dinner which consisted of green beans, moist cat food, dried apple bits with cheerios on top.. Kyobi loved his dinner and he would dance around on his hind legs in excitement for his chow.. There are so so many cute things that they did, that it would take all day to list them..

They were awesome, the only problem was the state that I live in, they are not legal.. Being an indoor pet and seldom interacting with anyone but the family, we were doing just fine, until my son's ex-girlfriend decided to call animal control on me and them on Feb 25th 2010.. She had been threating to call the animal control if my son did not do something just right for the past 4 1/2 years.. They got into a fight and I lost my babies because of it..

The animal contol officer came to the house in the morning, and I was asleep, but she called again in the afternoon.. I managed to escape the visit, but if I would have been home they would have taken them from me and I would not have known for sure what happen to them or how they were treated.. I got home later in the afternoon and seen the note that they had been back, so I took them to my vets office to stay overnight.. I took them down dinner a little later that night and they were so scared that I cried all night.. My office was so lonely..

I went to the vets office the next day to see them, once again they were so scared that I knew that I couldn't leave them there, but I could not bring them home in fear that the animal control officer would be back.. Moving them from house to house and keeping them in cages did not seem fair to do to them.. We called the zoo in hopes that we could keep them alive, but the zoo did not have room for them.. They are very strung animals and I did not want them to be scared and confused and caged everyday.. I was with them sometimes up to 14 hours a day..

With very little options, I decided to put them to sleep for their own well being.. I have been in living hell since.. The guilty feeling is so overwhelming and the loss is gut wrenching.. I miss them so bad that at times while I am in the office, my heart aches so bad that it feels like it is going to burst through my chest and my stomach has the empty bottomless pit feeling 24/7.. They were on my desk curled up in a ball everynight and I miss their darling faces and tiny bodies and just holding them.. I am crying all the time, I have been told that I even cry in my sleep..

I was their mom and I let them down, but I knew the son's ex-girlfriend would have kept calling animal control because of the type of person that she is.. I feel so guilty and I will be forever sorry, and so sad and empty without them.. I type them letters night after night telling them how sorry that I am.. If anyone who reads this novel has had an experience of a pet being gone and somewhere, somehow you feel that they are there with you please respond to my letter.. I am so empty and sad that I need to know that they are ok and taking care of each other and that they are happy in the heavens above.....


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Feb 29, 2012
ex girlfriend
by: Anonymous

That ex girlfriend has a special spot in hell saved just for her.

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