by Lydia
(New zealand )

My grandad died so my family came down for the funeral and we started to notice that my grand dads and grandmas golden retriever (lachie) looked very skinny and couldn't lie down, he had gone very skinny in the face and You could see him ribs, his eyes looked frightened so we took him to the vet they took some blood. The next day we went skiing at about 3:30 my grandma rang my mum who was in the car and my sister and I had just finished a run and my mum came running up to us and said let's go she was crying and I was getting worried I didn't think Lachie was so bad he had to get put down.
We went straight to the vet And they said you can either get him put down tonight or take him home and just let him die naturally. We drove home to discuss we were leaving in a couple of days and we thought we don't want my grandma waking up and seeing Lachie lying dead on his bed. We rang my dad who was one of the closest to Lachie he adored him, he was back home working. He started to cry and said just do it.
When the vet started to get Lachie to jump up on the table I broke down I was crying and I thought I was gonna die. I sat out in the vet room and waited in silence my mum hugged me tight and we just stood there I went in and sore him lying peacefully on the table with his eyes closed I immediately put my arms round him treasuring his fading warmth.
He was only 6 years old, a white retriever just a boy.

We found out that he died of the same thing my grandad did the exact.
My grandad had only died a couple of months ago.

Rip my big friendly giant. And look after grandad.
I love you forever.

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