Lance Christopher Young Age 40 when he died on 8/27/2010

by Stephanie Moore, mother
(Westminster, MD)

My son was a beautiful person. He was a handsome man but it went beyond the physical. He had a heart the size of Texas. He cared about people and animals and the world around him. He didn't try to make a difference to make a name for himself. He made a difference every day of his life without even trying.

His smile could melt ice. His eyes, the color of the sky on a beautiful day, quickly conveyed to everyone that they had at least one friend. To know him was to love him. He left no enemies and many friends. In that sense he was a rich man. And while his life was not an easy one he worried only about how his problems affected those whom he loved. He was the most caring and the bravest person I'd ever known.

What I'll remember most is how much he loved animals. How this big guy would cry when he watched a TV commercial about homeless dogs and cats. Our dogs will never forget him. He now is with one of our Great Danes, Levon, who preceded him in death. Their bodies lie in the same cemetary where the rest of our human and canine family will join them in time. After four years of crying at Levon's grave, I could only smile as I stood there after Lance's death. I knew that Lance had stopped by the Rainbow Bridge where he was joined by a waiting Levon. The two were then heaven bound together. The Rainbow Bridge is a place where pets wait for human loved ones to stop by and pick them up on their way to heaven. I assumed that my husband or I would stop for Levon. It didn't occur to me that it would be Lance.

Lance's Legacy is inscribed on his headstone. It reads: "100 years from now my worldly possessions will not matter but my relationship to animals will have made a difference in the world". His monument is adorned by two preserved photos of himself with the some of the dogs he so loved. There will be a statue of a frog on the base of the monument. He loved frogs and toads since childhood. It made his day to see a toad in the yard. He would put water out for them and light their paths. His next, though uncompleted, project was a frog and toad hotel. There they'd have shelter and protection.

Lance was my son but also my friend and confident. I will miss him every day of my life. I no longer fear death now that he waits for me. Before too long my body will lie in the plot next to Lance with my husband at my other side. Across a lane will lie each of our beloved dogs. Our spirits will re-unite with Lance and Levon and we'll all be together again in that beautiful place where they now wait for us.

The Lord must have wanted Lance to flash his smile in heaven. Heaven must have needed a beautiful soul. But the light is out in my life. I am so proud to have been Lance's mother. I hope to start some type of foundation in his name to benefit animals. He kept encouraging me to start a non-profit while he was with me. He thought I could do anything and for him, I'd gladly try to move mountains. He made me a better person.

Lance, I love you and miss you so much. If I didn't tell you enough how much I loved you when you were here, please know now how important you were in all of our lives. You were the best son in the world. You live in our hearts and while we can't touch you I can still see you when I close my eyes. I still hear your voice in my mind. I put your cologne in the potpouri so your scent is all around us. Smile for me and I'll try not to cry. The dogs send their love. Yang sits in your chair every day and sleeps on top of the cushions of the blue sofa just like when he was a puppy. Bandit is doing very well since his surgery. Kiss Levon for me. I'm so glad that you have each other. Be happy, my beautiful son. You are at peace and we will be with you soon.
Love, Mom

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Feb 20, 2011
by: kay

I feel your loss also your pain,our sons were so precious and wonderful.I think of my son every day and when I am in the company of others he is still on my mind,but when I am alone memories of him are are constantly playing over and over .My son like yours knew the true meaning and value of life,he taught me the value of people ,he was always there for his friends no matter what time of the day or night they needed him.Your Lance sounds to me like a very special young man too,with a rare gift of appreciation for all living things.We did have a two special boys to be proud of.I send you my love and healing.We will always have them with us in our hearts,
Love Kay

Feb 17, 2011
by: M Mack


You loved your son Lance so much and I'm sure he knew it. You must have done the right thing as his mom to have such a wonderful human being in your life. We never know why a life is taken away from us but I'm sure one day we'll have all the answers. Animal lovers are a special breed. They see more in others, understand much and tend to be very forgiving in general. I lost the love of my life in July 2010 and he too loved animals. Dogs were his passion and we were planning to get one but he passed away shortly after. Dog is God backwards.....
And I wonder if there is any correlation on that note?

Try to find peace and comfort as you mentioned in your note about the beautiful place your son is in now. I'm sure Lance is watching over you and you will see him again. Keep writing and reading. It really helps to find comfort knowing you are not alone and many are grieving over a loss, including me. Your story of Lance touched my heart as I look over at my own loving son of 26 years old. He is a very hard worker and kind hearted sympathetic man.
Hugs and wishing you find strength in Lances spirit. You Aldo have my powerful prayers!

Feb 16, 2011
Son's Are so Wonderful
by: TrishJ

Stephanie~I lost my husband three months ago. I have spent hours on this site writing my feelings. It's very healing. What a terrible loss you have suffered. My first born, my son, is still here with me and such a comfort. I feel for you in your loss. I will miss my husband every day but I feel so blessed with what remains in my life.
God really is good. We don't always understand why he takes so many wonderful young people. I feel our souls will never be parted. It's been hard for me these past few months but I got a huge sign on Valentine's day that my husband is still with us in spirit. I'm so greatful for that.
Your son would want to you be happy ~ continue to love him ~ miss him ~ but try your best to find some happiness especially in your beautiful memories of him. I too love animals. They are so dependent on us just like our children were when they were young.
I told both of my children the thing we can do is live our lives in such a way that their dad would be proud of us. It isn't easy a lot of days but we have to try the best we can. Hugs to you. As always we take it one breath, one step at a time. PJ

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