Last night

by Krissy
(That one state... with the potatoes)

I saw my dad in my dream. The dream is foggy and messy and doesn't make sense by any means, but I saw him and I know that I saw him. The worst part was when I saw him, I knew it wasn't really him, because I knew that in reality, he is gone. Sometimes I wish I could forget in a dream that he's gone and just soak up all that I can from those moments spent with him.

I felt so torn in the dream... I saw him and I wanted so bad for him to be there, because my heart was telling me that's your dad, but my mind was telling me, "that's not your dad, your dad is dead." I don't really know how I feel about it, then again it was just a dream, right? This is the first one in awhile I've seen him. Even if they suck sometimes, I wish I could see him more... I miss having dreams about him.

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Jun 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Ilost my dad and i was sitting at the funeral home making my dads arrangements with my mom my brother and my sister and holding one of my dads shirts and i kept asking my dad please dad let me know your ok please dad i need to know.My dad was funny he would always crack jokes even sick in the hospital and he always said something smart about mayors of citys cracking jokes so anyways arrangements were made we went to leave funeral home and a gentleman walks up says your dad is here now i went and picked him up then the guy from funeral home interduced the gentleman to us as the mayor of another county i busted out laughing told them if your new my dad he would have something smart too say.that night i slept at my moms on the couch my dad would lay there and watch tv all the time i went to lay down asked my dad to let me know dad that night i dreampt of him thats his way of letting you know that they know.and their still with us i believe that with all my heart..........

Apr 20, 2011
I know how it feels
by: Anonymous

I lost my papa last month to a heart attack n carelessness of the hospital staff. I never dreamt of him the first few days. Now when I do they are mostly sad where I know he is gone forever. I,as u said, wish to forget this terrible fact in that world but I always know. Last night before I went to sleep I prayed I see and hug him. I did but with the sad knowledge that my superhero is no more.
But maybe,just maybe,I meet him in a happy environment and you too meet yours.
Have faith in God. He has His own plans.

Jan 20, 2011


Your dreams will turn warm and fuzzy when your mind has accepted/adapted to what is. And I know how hard that is to do. I Miss and Love him terribly and would Love to have him visit me in my dreams too. You will dream good dreams you will have a wonderful life. It is the one thing that I am sure of...

Jan 20, 2011
for Krissy
by: Mari

I am very sorry for the loss of your dad. A dad is a precious person in one's life. You did not say how long it has been but it takes time to heal from a loss and you need that grieving time.
Krissy, you still have a heavenly father and he will never leave you nor forsake you. Rely on him and give your pain to him.

As for the dreams, they are normal under the circumstances. I had so many dreams the first year I lost my husband and in one of them I found myself awake and my husband standing there in his work uniform looking at me. I had so many dreams
and some of them were much like yours, hard to understand. But I had prayed that God would allow me to dream of my husband again when were together. So I understand.

My heart goes out to you as I have felt as you do.
Just rely on the Lord and keep posting because there are wonderful people on this board. It helps to be able to express your feelings. Take care. God bless you.

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