Lauren jade....Im overwhelmed with anxiety after the death of my precious nana

by Lauren g

My beautiful nana passed away 6 weeks ago after 4 months of hospitalisation she should never of died she was given the wrong medication which led to her bleeding profoundly for 2 weeks she had continuous blood transfusions for 2 weeks until she fell unconscious 2 days before she passed. At this point they had stopped treatment as she wasn't responding.

4 hours after watching the traumatic death I started with overwhelming panic & fear I didn't realise at the time was anxiety. Iv suffered with this for 6 weeks I feel constantly on edge fearing the feeling that I have, I feel in a dreamlike state where the world just seems to be passing me by I have no interest in any hobbies I loved before but I'm forcing myself to do things because I don't want to end up housebound. My brain feels fuzzy and I experience many feelings of derealisation. Is this normal for grief? I have never experienced it before or witnessed anybody die. I'm so confused as I feel numb regarding nanas death even though we was so do close. Any advice would be great. Thanks Lauren.

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Apr 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks rose, sorry for your loss, I'm having bereavement counselling too, it's helped a little but as I say I still feel numb I just pray everyday that thing start to feel a little more normal & sain. The anxiety completely knocked me off my feet. Sometimes feel like I'm going mad! And yeah the foggy feeling does make me panic a little. Suppose I have to ride things out and try to make my brain believe that it is normal. Thanks for your message rose its helped alot, Lauren

Apr 19, 2012
Feelings are Real
by: Rose L

Whatever you are feeling is normal. Everyone grieves differently. I lost my daughter last year and I lived in a fog for the first couple of months. I pray and have faith in the Lord. He comforts me greatly. He relieved me of my anxiety and stress. I also, went to a counselor and talked to a professional who gave me some guidance for day to day living. Honestly, time and faith-make it bearable. Prayer keeps me sane.


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