by Lawrence
(Leeds,Yorkshire UK)

My beautiful cherished wife dies a few weeks ago after 62 years of marriage and eight years of courting.We were childhood sweethearts and we were fortunate enough to have nearly seventy years together for which I thank the good Lord for.
Needless to say I am devasted and heartbroken and can't face the future without her.We did everything together 24/7 and I feel like a Siamese twin alone for the first time in 70 years.
We had a wonderful passionate marriage producing two lovely daughters,five granchildren, (one died last March from Sudden Death Syndrome he was 21 years old) and one great Grandson.
The lonliness and sadness is something I had never experience before and I do realize that every marriage has to at some time or other have do experience the loss of a beloved partner but you are never prepared for it.
I am a musician and writer but have done neither since my beloved died.
Someone please tell me it gets easier because i am in agony with the grief.

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May 13, 2013
by: silver

I know your pain.The love of my life left on May 29, 2011.We were very close for 4 yrs then married for 33 yrs.My mom and dad married at 19 and were married for 64 yrs.My dad died in Dec 09 and my mom followed in June 10.I couldn't understand why she didn't go out and see her friends,(She had a lot of friends), until it happened to me.I slept a lot the first couple of months and it took even longer to start going out of the house.I even hated going to get the mail.I am finally going out some now.It is so hard to have your best friend and soul-mate leave you.I miss him every day.I still cry some most days but I found that if I talk to others about him it is a little easier.I also write poetry(some on this site)and that helps to get my feelings out.A friend at church suggested I write him a letter telling him how I feel.Someone else suggested I write a journal.You must do what feels right for you.Grief is a loneliness that is hard to shake but you can do it.It just takes time.GOD send you strength and peace.I send prayers of love and support.

Mar 06, 2013
To Lawrence
by: Carolyn

I want you to have some hope for your future, this is what I look for as I lost my precious Jim 3 months ago. I felt like God was telling me to rest and heal that He would be in this with me and I believe he is saying the same to you. Be kind to yourself, surrender to the grief, and trust in the God who loves you in the midst of this great sorrow. He will make something good from this.

Mar 04, 2013
With understanding
by: Bereaved daughter

Dear Lawrence, My condolences on the sad loss of your beloved wife.

I too am in the Autumn of my life. I lost my mum after caring for her for 12 years. We were like Siamese twins - so devoted.

I neglected my health after - resulting in several permanent health problem.

So I would advise you to try and eat nourishing food and have a check up at your doctors. Grief really drains us physically and emotionally - and the last thing you want is to be struggling with your own health issues.

With every good wish. You must be a lovely person Lawrence for your wife to have contributed to such a happy marriage for so long.

Bereaved daughter

Mar 03, 2013
I'm sorry for your lost
by: Anonymous

OMG your love still is alive your wife is with you always, you just can't see her. Your lady see's and hears your pain. Remember all the wonderful years together, the laughter, places, the quite moments, so much more, who has that many years, you are bless!

My daughter Michelle died too young, Sept.11,2012 she was 30 yrs old also Sudden Death Syndrome Epilipsy. I'm still in shock, I ran upstairs because she wouldn't answer me,I scream out Michelle are you taking the dogs out, when I found Michelle, she look peacefully side way sleeping, her left hand curl up and purple, I scream Michelle please my baby get up, please God help, why God!!! I couldn't save my own daughter...WE were just Siamese twins, we loved each other so much.. Michelle was a little slow, but so smart, she loved life, her mommy,and her San Antonio Spurs, she had close ready for the next day to wear, Michelle didn't know she was already going home,heaven..Michelle in my dream, mommy please don't cry so much, I was confuse too, but mommy its so beautiful here, I'm free no more seizures I'm not trap in my body, I'm happy! I can see and hear you, you will see signs of your wife around you, Michelle is always showing me signs.I miss my Michelle so very much my heart is broke..but I know we will be together one day, in the mean time I need to prepare myself to do right and live for Michelle and do all I can, to have purpose here on earth to leave behind. Michelle purpose was "LOVE" that what she left behind, what are you going to leave behind what is your purpose..Live for your wife, she will always be your Lady forever an ever, until you see each other again, honor your wife! God Bless!

Put together a Video with many of your pictures, with your lyrics and music, get busy!!

Mar 03, 2013
My heart goes out to you
by: Anthony

My sympathies. I know how you feel. Have experienced exactly the same thing. The only thing is that our time was much shorter. Childhood sweethearts we dated for 12 years before getting married. We had 16 years together until cancer took her away.

I love my Constance very much and feel so lost without her. Come March 19 it will be one year I have not had have by my side physically. I do know however that she is beside me in spirit even as I write this note to you. I suggest trying to contact her spiritually - that helps with the grief.

Mar 03, 2013
Your Loss
by: Judith in California

Dear Lawrence, I wish I could say it gets easier but all I can tell you is it gets "Less". After so many years together it may be harder for you than those who had less years together.. maybe.

It's been 2 1/2 year for me that my husband passed and I have days to where I want so much to be able to hold him again and hear him say I love you.

I ask that you pray for strength to overcome this horrible journey called Grief. I am sending up a prayer for you as I write. Your cherished wife was lucky to have someone to love her so much as you did.

Just take it one breath, one second, one day at a time.

Mar 03, 2013
Your beloved wife
by: Kate

On here we understand the pain and sorrow,we share that in our many emotions! I lost my 39yr old son 3 months husband of 23 years 19 yrs ago,my sister three weeks after my son.we share hurt day at a time we endure and see others do easy journey but we make it not knowing how! My heart goes out to you.

Mar 03, 2013
by: Doreen U.K.

Lawrence I am sorry for your loss of your beloved Wife suddenly. Lawrence I live in the U.K. so can give you the name of the grief counsellor. The organisations is CRUSE. You can see your doctor and get the information from them or the medical services at your surgery. Don't suffer alone. Often when the grief is so unbearable and you can't bear it. It is then that CRUSE can benefit you greatly by taking the edge off of the grief pain. These initial days of loss are going to be the very worst you will experience. Each day you will feel different. The answer to your question is YES!! It will get easier. But it takes time. Take one day at a time. The loss of a life partner or Child is the worst pain of Grief you will ever go through. It is like no other pain you can ever feel. We all know what it is like on this site. You were together so long your grief will be greater.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. 10 months ago to a deadly cancer. I nursed him for over 3yrs. and it was the worst experience of my life looking into the face of a broken man who was going to die and didn't want to. He worked with Asbestos and got Lung cancer which was inoperable, incurable, and aggressive. I have been left so very lonely just like you. Life makes no sense in our latter years to lose the love of our life. There will be days you won't want to do anything. Grief is like an assault on the body and slows us down from living each day. Just do what you want when you want to. I am glad I didn't lose my husband early in life when my children were young. Life would have been harder to bear. I have 3 Adult children and they are pretty much living their own lives. Life is going to be Empty and Lonely for us for some time until we are able to put new things in our life each day to make it more meaningful. But it is the new normal change in our life that none of us wanted. May you find strength to go on each day with supportive and loving family and friends. If you belong to a Church you will also find great comfort and strength from a Spiritual Place.

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