Leaving me with no big brother because of Addiction!

by Jordanne Daudelin
(Attleboro, MA. USA)

a couple days before he died

a couple days before he died

a couple days before he died
me and him a couple months before

My brother had just turned 20. 11 days later it was my 16 birthday. Two days after our birthdays had passed, is the day he died. May 27, 2011.
I was in sophomore year and was struggling with being able to wake up for school. Jesse was my only brother. He had been struggling with drugs and alcohol since he was about 12, maybe younger. My parents divorced (not because of us) my mother took both of us and moved. Jesse had already started stealing, jewelry, money, anything that was worth money to get drugs. We moved 4 times in the last three years because my mom really had no money. Jesse took whatever he wanted, we always forgave him. he was a very special boy. When ever he would get in serious trouble with the law, he would always get a slap on the wrist. Everyone loved him. On the week of my 16th birthday i stayed home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday was my birthday, Thursday, and Friday i went to school. Both my mother and i checked on him before we left for school and work. a girl who was staying the night woke up and checked on him and he seemed to be fine. around that time everyone else who was there started to wake up. the girl went back to sleep. about 45 mins after that,they noticed Jesse had vomited in his sleep and his hands were purple. one of the boys did CPR while they waited for the ambulance. he was dead on scene. i knew something was very wrong through out my whole day. i could feel it in my stomach. around 1 or 130 i get a call from two of his friends. i quickly went to the bathroom to answer them. one girl asked if it was really true. i had no idea what this girl was talking about. i hung up the phone and went back to the class room to see if i cold get out early. no more than two seconds of me walking back into my class room the phone rang. it was the office. my teacher told my to pack up my things and to the office as fast as you can. i went down there and my neighbor was sitting with the super visor. they broke the news to me. i couldn't go home i had to go to a friends house before my mom could even look or speak to me. the night before his death we all got into a huge fight because he broke into my grandmothers house. that was the last time i heard his voice. the last time i truly saw him alive when he came into my room crying to grab a suitcase to pack and leave. i miss him so much. my only brother. gone. no one to protect me. no one.

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