left me for a younger woman

by desirenee

I was with my boyfriend 4 yrs,,i thought everything was ok..i am self employed and so was he,,we spent time together every morning before work,,and lunch everyday,,we worked within miles of each other ,, he accepted a friend request from her dec.12th 2012,,she was just a girl who worked a block from me ,,31 yrs old... hes 48 im 43 ,,i questioned his intentions. She was just a friend,,so he said ,,i confronted her when i caught them talking at a convience store ..they were just friends she said ,,she had a boyfriend she said.. so i believed him and her ..a week before xmas he left me and moved in with her.he left me in his home. the only reason he told me for our break up was i wanted to marry him.he didnt want to get married ever. Again....he did it twice already. So i am still wondering what i did wrong.he married her 8 months later,,,why was i not good enough after 4 yrs.i was faithful.its been 2 years and hes still with her.and im still hurting,i cant get why i was never good enough,,she was well known around town if you know what i mean.why would he trade me off for someone like that..the worse thing is seeing them together... we live and work in the same town..its killing me .how do i get over the pain.?? I cant trust,, how do you get over being left for a younger woman???

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Aug 15, 2014
Not the first, Not the last
by: judith in California

Desirenee , someotimes men ,go for the "bad girl" like women go for the "bad guy". And like Mr. Harvey says " He wasn't the right one for you". You were too good for him. Never believe a man or woman that says " she's or he just a friend". Never give anyone the benefit of doubt. Especially today when most folks have no character or standards they live by. They come from dismantled communities that dont care about being faithful. They just go to the next easy thing.

Please look to God for strength. Please don't waste your time or thoughts on him another minute. He's shown you his character. Why would you want a man like that? Don't you deserve better? After this please don't live wth another man. Make sure there's a ring on it and a day set for the wedding goes through. You don't have to prove yourself to a man he has to prove to you.

This one just played you. He didn't want to marry YOU. BUt there is a real man of character out there for you . Just make sure you let them know you have standards of which they must live up to. AND don't let yours down for them.

Aug 15, 2014
left me for a younger woman
by: Doreen UK

Desirenee I am so sorry for your loss of relationship with the man you had for 4yrs. Sadly we are living in a very turbulent world that is changing so fast and what your boyfriend did to you is becoming the new normal. I just don't know why relationships are being broken so fast nowadays and leaving many a person with a broken heart.
Whatever you do. DO NOT TURN THIS INWARDS AND BLAME YOURSELF. This problem is about Him and not You. He is unstable. He said the reason he left you is because he didn't want to get married. YET. He goes and marries the other girl. What does this say about him. Many people will turn it around towards themselves and look inwards for failings. What he did to you was CRUEL. Who knows. Perhaps some man may come along and steal her away from him. "What goes around comes around."
Don't waste a minute grieving over this man, who walked away from you. He is not worth the time. A lot of men will go for a younger woman. It has never been a secret. It doesn't mean that you are old. JUST MATURE. My niece married a man 10yrs. older than her. He wanted to stay at home, and she wanted to go out. He let her go out, and they are now divorced. Age will catch up with your EX. She may one day want a younger man. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start finding Love again with a "REAL MAN". The definition of a REAL MAN is one who will treat his woman like a Lady and keep her special, and never cheat on her. There are many in the world, you just haven't found him yet. Don't be beaten by TRUST. Instead make this the foundation for a new relationship along with COMMITTMENT.
My Son has the Integrity and commitment to make a relationship work. He just has a wife who sees nothing wrong in including her X in their marriage and take him on holiday with them. If my son objects he is thrown out of HER house. I hope he has the strength one day to walk away instead of crying his heart out. OR. That she comes to her senses and does the right thing. He runs a bath for her and fixes her car, and does so many beautiful things for her. He loves her DEEPLY which is why he stays. I found out that my son sleeps in his car often, or at work. He is a private person. I won't interfere. But I hurt for him. So much injustice in relationships. The Faithful one's end up being cheated on, and hurt. I don't know why? Dry your tears and don't waste time on a man who loves someone else. You may also like to see a counsellor for support and help you move forward.

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