Leigh and Lynne

by Lynne Capuano
(Viera, Florida)

I love you Leigh

I love you Leigh

I love you Leigh
Leigh... Fly to heaven with the birds
Beautiful sissy..... I miss you

I lost my sister Leigh February 3 2013 and I miss her terribly!! For the past two years she was not at all herself but really wanted to be her old self and wanted so much to live. I cry so often because I know how much she loved life. I live in Florida and New Jersey is our home state so when I went up to visit her two weeks before she died she said maybe you can rent an RV and put my bed in there and take me to Florida with you. I cry when I think about this and I also cry and can't get out of my head her face at the time of death! My heart and personality will never be the same!

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Mar 04, 2013
Dear Lynne,
by: Pat in Missouri

I am truly sorry for your loss. It's awful when we lose a close family member. I can't tell, from your posting,if your sister was seriously ill or had some other problem that led her to be "not herself," as you said. It really doesn't matter. Whatever she was struggling with, for 2 years, it was a long time to be in such pain. It must have been awful for you to see her like that. What you are feeling now is the raw stage of grief. It will get better, but it will take time. Let it run its course, cry it out, scream, or whatever helps you the most to get it out. I know the pain. I lost my brother, my father, and my fiance' in 2011. I am still grieving, but I am beyond the raw stage. You might start gathering pictures and little mementoes that remind you of your sister and start a scrapbook. After my mother passed in 2009, I did that and found it so helpful. I could mourn her loss and smile and laugh at the funny memories all at the same time. I now have a treasure book that I can look at any time I want to. I can see her face and her smile and enjoy the fun times we had together. Best of all, I know she is no longer in pain. I miss her terribly, but I feel her spirit with me all the time, especially when I shop. We used to love to shop together. This will happen for you too. Another thing I have done, after 4 losses, was to attend a grief support group. It helped because everyone there was "in the same boat." From the pictures, I can tell your sister was a beautiful person and she still is. Her time on earth has ended, but her time beyond will be forever. I send you peace and hugs. Take care.

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