Libby Simply the Best

I prayed for 12 years for the chance to own a black standard poodle bitch. My husband wasn't keen on dogs and although I had a kennel full of show dogs and pensioners I gave them all up to marry him. He wouldn't allow me to have a pet as he's a very house proud man. In the first flush of love and passion it was fine ish living without a dog, but I soon began to miss the companionship. So I began to pray.

Twelve years and two sons later my husband finally relented and gave a strict list of specifications that a new puppy/dog must have. Top of the list NO DOG HAIR.

I got Libby from a dog showing friend on breeding terms. I got the bitch, he got a litter from her. Libby impacted our home right from the start as only a puppy can. Boundless energy and lots of fun. Over the years she grew into a beautiful, intelligent, fun loving wonderful member of our family. She adored being an only dog and would have hated having to share her pets with another. She was different with each of us. With my husband, she was totally obedient, always affectionate, but not more than he wanted. With my eldest she played hard and rough, snarling and chewing. They played fetch and ball for hours. With my youngest, she was gentle and cuddly he is a little afraid of dogs so she was never rough with him.

BUT to me she was the best friend ever. I walked her, groomed and clipped her, fed her and trained her. I have severe and chronically bad mental health. She soaked up my tears, pushing herself into me to give comfort. She heard all my secrets all my fears she felt all my pain. She was my constant companion, I used to say I should have called her shadow for that was what she was.
How I will ever recover from losing her I have no idea. My arms are cold without her in them. My heart has been ripped from my chest, she's everywhere in the home. I sleep each night with her favourite toy puppy in my arms. It stinks I'm so glad. My fear is that I won't cope and when the blackness next surrounds me having lost my guide out of it, I may make the choice to join her. The idea of living the rest of my life without her terrifies me.

My husband said, " I gave a full specification and Libby hit every one by 110%".

I have never had a tattoo, but I have enquired into having one done with some of her ashes in the ink. It's quite possible and easily done. It will be discreet and just for me. I will have her as part of me forever then.

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