Life after Shaun

by Dan
(Calgary, Canada)

On May 29, 2007 I was driving home from work early with my two boys in the back seat.My 9 yr old son was sitting directly behind me and my 6yr son was sitting directly behind the passenger seat. We were rear ended less than 5km from home. My car spun into on coming traffic. When we finally came to a stop my 9yr old asked "Dad where is Shaun?"
At that moment i realized my son had been ejected from the car and was dying less than 20 ft away from me. He died in my arms as his life exited his green eyes. Everything I knew ended that day. My marriage ended, my friends left and my only companion was depression and guilt. Anger consumed me. I felt God had made a mistake and I went on a take me mission. I lived recklessly. Carelessly. That was less than 4 years ago and I still have troubles sleeping, maintaining relationships and general living. I want to help others as I have forgiven the man who struck us. There has to be some good that can come from this. God only knows though.

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Nov 14, 2013
God will heal
by: Anonymous

I just lost my 6 year old son last month and still in terrible pain. But I know that he is with our Lord Jesus now and Jesus loves him more than I do. We don't know what God's plan is because men are shortsighted and weak. But God will heal us and keep watch over us, as long as you choose to believe. I pray that he will heal you, too.

Love in Christ,

Mar 27, 2012
God only knows
by: SoSadDad

Dan, your story is so sad, so familiar, and so scary. For background info, my daughter Mel died at 31 in Sept., 2009, and my daughter Jenn died at 28 in July, 2011. Fortunately, our marriage has only gotten stronger, as we need each other so much. We have no children now. Dan, I know your depression. I live it every day. Some say it's bad to say 'at least you have your other child.' I understand that, but I wish someonne could say it to me. Like you, I don't understand, and never will, this side of Heaven, why He took one of my girls, let alone both of them. There's just no answer that will satisfy me. And I too would trade places with either or both of them, if that was possible. I'd trade places with your son if I could, just so you could have him back, and I'm sure Brenda would understand. I wish I could pass some hope and cheer on to you, but I haven't seen any either. For you, and for me, please spend every minute you can with your surviving son. He's hurting, too, and needs you very much. I know from how my youngest, Jenn, was when her sister and best friend Mel died; she needed our support, even though eventually she didn't make it. Maybe I should not have written this, since I don't have much good to say. One thing, though: if you aren't familiar with Compassionate Friends, please go to and read some of the articles, and then find a local chapter. It has been a literal life saver for me. God bless you, and keep striving to survive and be the father that one of your children needs, and that your other child would want you to be for his brother.

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