Like A Flash Of Lightning She Came In My Life....

by Sandy
(Mumbai, India)

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My beloved pet cat "POOCHIE" died on 21st March 2012 due to acid burn injuries inflicted on her by some inhuman persons. Her hind portion was badly burnt but she suffered the pain silently.
I feel guilty as I did not recognise the injury and hence could not give her timely medical help with which she might have recovered. She was with me for about 4 months only. But during the short span she became the centre of my life. In the evenings she used to wait at the entrance of my house waiting for my arrival. On my reaching home she used to follow me everywhere rubbing her head against my leg till I fed her something .She used to hide behind curtains and pounce on me and my family members playfully. She was full of energy and always in playful mood. All visitors to my house admired her for her well mannered attitude and playful nature . She never spoiled any furniture in my house .Now on her death when I cry often
some people around me comment saying that it is madness on my part to cry so much for a dead cat. But they do not know the fact that it has left a void in my life. Now I dont feel like
having a pet again in my life.

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Jul 20, 2013
In memory of my sweet kitty
by: Sandy

21.07.2013 - It is 17 months since you left this world but still I cannot get you off my mind. Hope that you are in cat heaven playing with other kitties. My child rescued an abandoned kitten and provided it shelter at her grandparent's place. Now they told us that the white kitten is a beautiful young lady playing all the time ,reminding me of the days when you were a kitten exploring the world around you . I felt proud of my child caring for an abandoned kitten.

RIP my Poochie girl.

Mar 20, 2013
by: Sandy

Today it was very tough reminiscing the last moments of yours at about 6.30 AM when you left for your heavenly abode last year this day . Lit a candle in your memory and prayed for you. RIP my Poochie girl. We are all missing you .

Mar 19, 2013
An year went by without you by my side...
by: Sandy

On 21st March 2013 it will be an year after you left me for your heavenly abode. One year has passed but still memories are afresh. You appeared again in my dream on this 17th the same way you used to walk in to my home and head straight for the window to catch a glimpse of the outside world (Pigeons of course..). Then suddenly you are found sitting beneath the chair and watching me with all attention. I am sure that you are missing me a lot. But irony is that people around me can't understand what a lovely bond exists between an animal and the person who cares for it. What a pity that you left my side too early by being with me for only 4 months but left memories worth a lifetime. You are missed by me and all my family members. We still think about your naughty pranks (but at the same time miss you a lot) and also discuss on daily basis your CATTITUDE. You were an elegant young lady with great etiquette. You will remain in our hearts for ever.Also forgive me for keeping you away from my house as a punishment for preying on pigeons (I love pigeons too ). Rest in Peace my Poochie girl - my Kuttimaalu

Once again a Million thanks to this site which allows one to grieve in a dignified manner by writing about the loneliness created by pet loss and also one is able to console grieving fellow beings who have lost their furbabies ,since people rarely understand the feelings of pet lovers and they often ridicule us .

Feb 21, 2013
21st Feb ';12
by: Sandy

Dear Poochie- As days pass on you seem to move farther away from my mind . But no - I would still say that you are thought of by me every passing second. Your pranks and playfulness is still around me. I just cannot forget you. The other day a kitty turned at my doorstep but the moment I went up to it , it ran away. But you were not like that - The moment I welcomed you , you graciously walked in bringing joy and happiness . You were unique. RIP my Kuttimaalu.

Feb 07, 2013
My cute lil furbaby
by: Sandy

No day goes without your mention. Daily your name crops up in one way or the other. You were such an elegant young lady full of etiquette and equipoise. You were too bold as you did not pay any heed to lurking dangers which took you far far away from me ( from this world) You were my brave fur child.RIP my Poochie girl. I miss you a lot....

Dec 21, 2012
Living with your memories
by: Sandy

Today (21.12.12), Nine months are over after you left for your heavenly abode (Rainbow bridge). I'm still missing your presence .You have left behind many memories . I can feel that you are still around with all your naughtiness. I keep watching your videos and only wished you could have stayed with me much longer . 4 months was too short . Any way I know you too miss me . RIP my Kutti maalu.

Oct 21, 2012
In my heart forever
by: Sandy

21.10.2012- Seven months gone by ....
It's all over now and there is nothing much I can do except get through each day by holding many many memories which you have left behind. It is hard to accept that you are no longer with me physically but you are very much in my heart where you will stay forever. I often think about you many times a day. Daily before going to sleep I have a glimpse of your photo.

Oct 08, 2012
My Poochie .. I'm missing you
by: Sandy

My Kuttimaalu, Today ,on 8.10.12 while browsing through the journal which I wrote on the day you passed away, I just could not control my emotions and tears welled up my eyes. I'm missing you a lot but what to do? No one understands my feelings. They think I am a nut. Hope you are fine in Rainbow Bridge with other kitties with all your pranks.

Sep 21, 2012
Gone far away from me......
by: Sandy

My dear Poochie girl,
You have gone very very far away from me. Today i.e on 21.09.12 ,six months have gone by without your earthly presence although I can still feel your existence around me. I am reminded of the short span of time which we spent together. You are still remembered by everyone of us . I am missing you . Daily I have a look at your photograph .Still you keep appearing in my dreams . I know that no kitty can reclaim your place in my heart . I often think of providing shelter to a homeless kitten but then I am taken aback and drop the plan as as I do not want to go through the pain of losing a pet again.

Aug 20, 2012
Without u 5 months will pass on 21.08.12 but........
by: Sandy

I just can't believe that time is a great healer which everyone say. I am still at the point where u left me . Such a difficult phase that I just cannot forget u. I always seems to get a glimpse of you . Whenever I open the door I feel u walking in. Whenever I see any cat I'm reminded of u. U were a unique kitty unmindful of others opinions. The other day one of our family friend inquired about you not coming to greet her on her arrival (which was your trait of greeting guests and she was unaware of u passing away) , my voice choked on telling her of your demise. Why did GOD send you to be with me for such a short span ? Some where I feel that there might be a reason HE took you away from me. My little angel. Be happy wherever you are with all your naughtiness. RIP

Aug 05, 2012
I feel u r still playing ...
by: Sandy

05.08.12 I visited a Shoe store and made some purchases where on getting a shoe box,your memories came rushing back. On 19th Feb 12 (you were alive) on bringing home a similar box ,you seemed to be very happy to keep on jumping in and out of the box , peeping through the hole in the box ,chewing off the paper rolls etc etc .My husband, mom-in-law ,child ..all remembered your pranks. I just cant believe you are no more. What a cruel fate that I lost you . My dear Kuttimaalu ....

Jul 21, 2012
Remembering you
by: Sandy

21.07.12 :- Today 4 months have passed after you left me to your heavenly abode. Today early dawn I had a vision of you sitting and watching me over with a shine in your eyes . Where are you my dear Kitty? Time stands still for me. Every moment you are in my thoughts.I really miss you and your playful ways.Yesterday I kept browsing your photographs.I keep calling your different pet names ,hope you are hearing it (and I know you will!).

Jul 10, 2012
Is it true ? You seem to be around me.
by: Sandy

Today i.e 10.07.2012 I heard your mews by my doorstep at dawn and I woke up ( Which I was used to when you were alive)and continued with my household chores to send my child to school in time. When she was tying her shoe lace she felt a fleeting version of yours which she conveyed to me immediately. I know the fact that you are still around me. Miss you my Poochie girl my little angel. I cannot hold back my tears when your topic crops up. ( Atleast more than a dozen times a day). It's going to be 4 months after you left for Eternity .Every one says I'm crazy but who can fathom our affection though you did not display of it much? I regret putting you two days out of my house since you had preyed on 2 pigeons , the act which hurt me though I knew hunting is a cats skill. Pl forgive me.I know you will. RIP

Jun 23, 2012
on 21.06.12 , 3 months passed but still.....
by: Anonymous

I 'm lost with your memories. No day goes without your mention. Never had I thought that a pet loss could result in such a vacuum in the pet parents life. Still I feel you are walking besides me , looking at me eagerly for your daily treats. But one reason for which I cannot forgive myself is not calling in the vet in time for providing treatment to you . My Kuttimaalu ! please forgive me .

Jun 06, 2012
We all miss you ..
by: Sandy

6.06.12- It is eleven weeks after you left. I met my neighbor Minu after a long time at a marriage function get together where your topic came up . She is also very much hurt at my loss. After a while her mom too joined our conversation stating that she too missed you. All your memories came rushing back to my mind when I went upto the terrace (Which was your area of running up and down -via elevator as well stairs). In front of them I controlled my emotions but on reaching home I just broke down.I still feel you are playing by the side wall of our hall there is a crevice from where the bunch of extra wires used to hang out and you used to pull them playfully and once the wires were taken inside , you still used to go there to check out whether the wires are still there. Then yesterday night in my dream I became very happy on finding a color ful fur of yours . My furbaby we all miss you.

May 30, 2012
Hope you are fine
by: Sandy

My Poochie girl ,This time you appeared in my dream as a weak cat without much energy and I felt sorry at your plight . Why is it so ? I linked it to the fact that since you are away from me you must be missing me (Just as I'm missing you).I just don't know what to do . I still keep looking around for you and I do feel your presence everywhere . Hope that you are at peace .(Away from this cruel world where most friendship is feigned and there is nothing called true affection.) You were my little kitty who enjoyed doing things as per your wishes and kept entertaining one and all with your pranks. REALLY YOU HAVE LEFT A VOID IN MY LIFE WHICH CANNOT BE FILLED.(30.05.12)

May 22, 2012
Two months passed since you left....
by: Sandy

My furbaby , Yesterday 2 months have passed since you left me (and this world) on 21st March 2012. You are always in my thoughts throughout . Not a day passes without your mention . I found a fur of yours while ironing my dress on 19 th May which I immediately put in a box. I also had a look at your playthings which I have kept safely except for the milk bowl which I threw away on the day of your demise in a fit of anger / grief . Now I feel I should not have done that and instead preserved it. My Poochie girl ! Hope you are playing with your new found friends in Rainbow bridge. I'm really missing you and your mischief. I really don't know to whom to confide. A Million thanks to this site which allows us to put in our feelings.

May 15, 2012
Where are you ?
by: Sandy

My Poochie girl... My Kuttimalu....I still cannot believe you are no more. Every day I'm reminded of you. Every day on my office journey to and fro , I keep looking at the places where you used to run around , rest ,etc etc. While working in the kitchen you seem to appear to me sitting and watching me patiently. Today morning I felt you tugging at my dress . My little furbaby I cannot forget you . Yesterday when my daughter insisted on feeding a hungry stray cat which I did, I was reminded of your initial visits at my home where you used to lap up all the milk as soon as the bowl was placed. Some how I feel not to keep any pets. If at all I bring in one who requires a home desperately it will not be a substitute for you. You were beyond compare and none will be able to match your well mannered etiquette .You will be always in my thougts. The moment I begin discussing about you to anyone my voice chokes up . My darling may you R.I.P

May 04, 2012
Always in my thoughts
by: Sandy

My Poooochieee girl! My Kuttimaalu ! I'm reminded of you every second. You just came into my life like a short dream which vanishes soon once we awake from sleep. All I have about you now is nothing but plenty of memories about the good and bad ??? moments when you were with me for the short span of 4 months.My dear Kitty , I have preserved the silvery color paper ball which you used to carry in your mouth while playing /running around at home. Also I have kept one fur of yours in a box. And also the cane which you used to arrogantly claw and bite to your hearts content. Today (4.5.12)on seeing your friend ?? / foe ?? Blackie sitting by the gate , the old memories of you waiting for me came rushing in to my mind . I called him aloud but he was least bothered . On the contrary you used to immediately follow me. I still keep calling aloud your name assuming you can hear me from your heavenly abode. I still feel your presence around me. I still wonder whether can anyone get through the grief of ones PET?? Atleat I cannot.

Apr 21, 2012
A month has passed after you left me
by: Sandy

Today i.e 21.04.12 ,one month has passed since you left this world (& me) . Not a single day has passed without ever thinking of you. I just cannot forget you. I often hear your mews by my doorstep. My little girl - Why did you leave me so soon and go to another world ? Yesterday you appeared in my dreams , lying beside me sideways , laying your head on my hand and clawing my palms with a stern look in your eyes. During your life you kept entertaining me with your mischievous pranks and made me laugh .Still I keep calling your name and nicknames aloud (which I know you can hear) to console myself .I still wonder why some cruel human being would cause such an injury to you? What was the cause of your death? I still feel guilty of not providing timely treatment.
Everyone advises me not to have a pet anymore as they bring heartbreak to the pet parent on their death.

Apr 07, 2012
Missing you
by: Sandy

My little Poochie girl! How much I miss you. Daily you keep on appearing in my dreams assuring me you are ok. This might be your way of consoling me. I feel very guilty thinking about the last moments of yours when you kept mewing loudly while I kept you locked in the bedroom unknowingly awaiting daybreak so that the vet could be called in to examine you . I did not realise that you were crying aloud for me to be with you in your last moments.
Your final look into my eyes at the time of me closing the bedroom door behind me still lingers in my mind. Time stands still for me. You were my little angel who lived your life according to your terms. Though you did not express your affection for me openly I really know that our bond was very special. My mom in law often told me that you were my second darling daughter.She too misses you a lot. In fact everyone will miss you. My furbaby RIP

Mar 29, 2012
Cannot get you off my mind
by: Sandy

It is 8 days since you left me on 21st March'12 but not a single day has passed without thinking of you. I think of your food preferences like cheese , cakes , grated coconut , biscuits etc , you playing games like chasing the ball , galloping like a horse,hide and seek ,your grooming sessions , scaring away the pigeons etc. You were not scared of any one and was very brave. I miss you terribly especially during the early mornings when I used to warm up the milk for you to drink and in the evenings when you used to wait for me to turn up from work. Every evening when I enter my apartment's gate ,I keep looking around for you and still feel your presence around. After three days on you passing away , you appeared in my dreams ,assuring me that you are hale and hearty 'THERE'. I felt relieved on hearing those consoling words from you. No one believes it but I know the fact that our bond was so deep that you cant bear to see me in tears. I have to console myself with the fact that there might be a reason which is why the LORD took you away from this world (There is no sufferings in his Kingdom).It is also said that whom GOD loves die young - You were still a kitten of about an year. You were with me only for a short period of 4 months but let memories worth a life time . You are missed by all my family members. May may fur baby RIP.

Mar 26, 2012
Left so early.
by: Anonymous

I felt deeply hurt after reading your blog. No words can be written or spoken to a person who has lost a near n dear one. However our support can add a strength to you i suppose. I cannot imagine how people can be so cruel to dumb animals.May your pet RIP.

Mar 25, 2012
Thanks to Judith
by: Sandy

Nice to know that there are kind people like you around to console grieving fellow beings. Some how we have to come to terms with the fact that our little angels are no longer physically with us. But deep down they have made a place some where in our hearts where they will remain with us forever . No moment passes without thinking about them . Every nook and corner of our house reminds us of their playful activities. Thanks so much for consoling me.

Mar 23, 2012
How sad
by: Judith

Sandy, I'm so sorry for the loss of "Poochie". Feel the pain and cry as much as you want. Those people who make comments about cryinf over a dead cat are just palin ignorant. They too will one day loose something or someone to death and then let's ee how they feel. I hope you don't offer sympathy to them then.

Poochie has joined Rainbow Ridege in heaven with my Marley, Pepper, Butterball and Spinky. I hope they all have fun there.

Take care and know others feel your pain.

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