by Nadene
(Bryan. OH)

I lost my brother/Friend over three yrs. ago. He shot himself twice in the head. When I got to him he was still alive but died in my arms. My mother died March 3rd, she refused help that would save her life. She told me she wanted to go. I have been in therapy for over three yrs. I have Post tramatic stress Disorder (PTSD). After 32 yrs. I am about to lose my job. These deaths have effected me or who I use to be. I can't deal with all the Drs. any more or all the pills. I wonder if they could do any better if this happened to them. I honestly feel it's all about the money to them. Any Body got any suggestions?

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Oct 29, 2011
Never give up
by: KL

Little sis, my brother also shot himself in the head and left me. Life has never been the same. I was also diagnosed with PTSD and struggle everyday. All I can say to you is to live your life to the best of your ability and know that a lot of Dr's care and are in it for the right reasons they truly want to help and for the rest that are all about the money they will have to meet their maker like we all will. I choose to honor my brother everyday by trying to live my life in love and helping all I can. Sometimes they best way to cope is to get outside of yourself and see others pain and struggles. You are not alone. It feels like it I know because I feel alone so much of the time but there are people who care and who have felt the same pain and lost those who mean the most. I care. The world is relatively good. Just don't give up. I take my meds knowing without them I can't function and I feel blessed to be able to get the help I need. Focus on the good memories focus on the love in your heart for your Mom and brother because love never dies and you will see your family again. Hang in there and I pray God blesses your life.

Oct 25, 2011
Dear Lil Sis
by: Geoffrey Campbell

In this life there are those of us who feel that we get more than our share of grief and suffering, but dear Sis, God sees your suffering and He cares more than you can know. Alot of people like to blame God, and who can blame them with all the false theology going around, even on television. I come to this site because I am one of those, most of my life I was homeless because I am handicapped, I cannot even figure out how to run a cash-register, but one thing I have figured out,there truly is a God who loves us, and He does answer prayer. One time the only people who would hire me was a clinic called Living Springs, they would pay me a stipend of twenty dollars and feed me, and give me a place to sleep in a small hut whose windows did not have any protection from the weather, not one. But while working there full time, as they called it, a "full time volunteer" (even they could not afford to pay anyone, everyone was a volunteer, even the doctors) it was a blessing. But eventually I met someone I pitied more than me, a crippled woman who was constantly crying because of severe pain that never, ever left her. I got mad at God because of her, foolishly I blamed God. But about two weeks later I, (a mere maintenance worker) was called to a staff meeting. Well, I went and heard the most amazing thing in my life! She told us she had seen an angel!! That morning, as she was being treated, her therapist prayed for her, and an angel appeared. This woman who should have been crippled because of her infirmity for life, could now walk, and no longer bore her chronic pain! I tell you this lil Sis, because this is a true story, a person's prayer was answered by a loving God, and this God loves you. Please turn to Him, tell Him your troubles, rest your head upon His bosom as John the disciple did at the last supper, and sup with Him, for "He careth for you."

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