Little Jonny

by rick kettler
(millstadt illinois)

I live by myself and 3 years ago I decided to adopt a dog from the animal shelter.He was a jack russel,i fell in love with him when I first saw him only to find out that he needed treatments for heartworm.After his treatments hw was healthy and not sick anymore.I think he knew that I was the one that helped him to get better.He would never leave my side after that,we looked after each other for the next 3 years.he was my buddy,my best mom fell in love with him too,she would look forward to his visits.i felt like jonny would be with me for years to come.Then suddenly yesterday morning he was taken from me,it was so tragic.You see my neighbor next to me has a few dogs and as I opened the back door on his leash to go to the bathroom a pitbull came running up to jonny and grabbed him by the throat and started shaking him.i yelled and yelled for him to stop,but he wouldn't.the dog finally pulled jonny off his leash and ran off with him.ive been in tears ever since,so tragic and heartbreaking.may you rest in peace now up in doggie heaven,you will be missed,forever in our hearts little jonny.

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Mar 06, 2016
Little Jonny
by: Doreen UK

Rick I am so sorry for your loss of your pet Johnny. You gave him a good life and made a difference to a life that was abandoned. Quite natural to wish you had years with Jonny and continue the relationship of loving each other. We want our loved ones and pets to live forever. Why would we want to part with a loved one of pet who made a difference to our lives, and who enhanced our every day making life better.
It is only when we have lost them that we realize how fragile life is and what the pain of that loss feels like. Loving and losing are part of life but we can't begin to understand the depth of the pain we are left with when we lose them. WE can't even imagine this pain.
I have lost pets and having developed a strong bond with them I found it hurt just as much as losing a close loved one. It takes time to heal from our loss. ONE DAY AT A TIME. is how we get through our pain and loss. You are not alone. WE all know what this pain feels like, and are standing with you.

Mar 06, 2016
Little Jonny RIP
by: Lucy

So sorry for your loss.

Mar 06, 2016
I am so sorry. RIP Little Jonny
by: Anita

I am so sorry for your loss! Little Jonny was a wonderful little guy, and you should have been able to comfort each other for years to come! My dog was attacked by a pit bull in front of me. He survived but we were both traumatized by the suddenness and the viciousness of the attack. They don't belong in neighborhoods. They aren't pets.

I'm so glad that you and Little Jonny found each other and were able to be together for the time you had. That doesn't make up for the loss, but he sounds like a very special dog.

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