little margaret

by Andrea

That was my mums name little margaret because she was only four foot nine she died four weeks ago of breast cancer this was the second time she had it .I am more depressed now can't stop crying even going shopping without her makes me cry she was my friend and a brilliant mother and I miss her so much I just keep thinking what's the point to all of this so called living there is no point.

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Feb 27, 2013
little margaret
by: Doreen U.K.

Andrea when we lose a significant loved one from our life it shatters our faith in Life. WE wonder what is the point of life when we have to die. None of us ever can imagine what loss means or does to our body, psyche, and mind. The pain from our loss is horrendous and makes no sense. Because of SIN entering the world we struggle with life and death. We accept Life because that is what we have been given. If we are fortunate to belong to a 2 parent loving family we are Blessed. The sadness is that we forge relationships with parents, siblings, extended family and even friends. We enjoy life to a point until someone dies and shatters our world and belief in what life is if it brings us so much pain. Life was never meant to contain death. It is SIN entering our world that caused this. For me I believe in God and an afterlife because it is written in the Bible. God is going to wipe away all our tears one day and set up a new world wherein dwells righteousness. Sin will never enter the world again and cause decay, suffering and death. Only then will we realise the fullness of what Life was meant to be. We will never die and live forever in a heaven brought down to earth by God. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and I live the life He wants for me. It is this life that I can claim eternal life now and will see my loved ones again. This is my HOPE. Otherwise you are right. What is life all about? and what is it all for? Without HOPE there would be no point in going on living in a world that is getting worse and just fills us with emptiness and sorrow. But with God in my Life I get through each day. I will always have good days and very bad days. But on those bad days. I have God walking with me. WE all have this CHOICE. I choose to Live with God rather than without Him. If you don't know Him. Get acquainted today and your days will bring you the Comfort that only God can give.

Feb 27, 2013
Dear Andrea,
by: Pat

I know the feeling of losing a mother. Mine died in 2009. Mothers and daughters have such a special bond. My mother and I also loved to shop together. Now, that she is gone, I hear her walking right next to me, when I am shopping. My mother always told me that the body is simply the cloak of life, but the spirit is the real soul of life. Thinking that way helps me to remember that my mother is still with me. Please be at peace in the knowledge that your mother is no longer struggling and is no longer in pain. She is dancing with the angels. As a means of growing through your journey of grief, you might like to make a scrapbook to honor your mother. I did that and when I especially miss her, I can look at the pictures of her in the scrapbook and smile at the wonderful memories of love we shared. You are in the initial phase of raw grief. It's like an open sore that will not heal. You might think of volunteering with an agency that helps cancer patients. That would be an honor for your mother and a way to help you help others. You will feel better. Remember, cry, but not too long for why cry for a soul set free? These are words from a poem that I love. It reminds me that my mother has been set free from her pain and that feels very good. It will get better for you too, my child. I wish you many blessings and hugs. Take care of yourself.

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